You wonder how do people with visual and auditory disabilities experience the world? Weakless is the greatest way to help you by putting you in their shoes.

Weakless is a beautiful game from the Publisher Punk Notion and developer Cubeish Games. Let's watch this trailer and see for yourself:

You are 'Weakless' with your friends

If you're finding something new, artistic and incredible to play this Fall, then you're lucky. Weakless is a gorgeous 3D puzzle platformer that will give you the exact experience.

The game will let you step into the beautiful relationship of two extraordinary beings. Specifically, The two have to suffer from disabilities, one without the ability to see, and one without the ability to hear.

Weakless Features A Blind And A Deaf Exploring A V
The lantern-head one is the Deaf, and the other is the Blind

However, they always maintain their relationship by complementing each other. The deaf one is jazzier, and he always tries to bring the fun element to the atmosphere. Meanwhile, the blind one is more defensive and introvert, but he always takes care of his perky friend with his calmness.

Weakless Features A Blind And A Deaf Exploring A V
The journey can only be fun with a friend by your side

Together, both friends are trying their best to make up for their companions' disadvantages. They'll join hand to explore this vast fantasy world consists of challenging puzzles! Their duty is to protect a village and the world of the Weavelings. In order to do that, they'll need to fight the Rot and restore the flow of Resin - the origin of life energy flowing in every living being of the world.

Weakless Features A Blind And A Deaf Exploring A V
Two ordinary beings on their way to save the world

With your friends, you're weakless!

Special features

The overall concept of this game is already very unique. And with the support from the hauntingly gorgeous visual style, Weakless is no doubt a must-try this fall.

But that's not all, as the developer also wants you to experience their viewpoint as realistic as possible. That's why it only allows you to control only one character at any time.

Weakless Features A Blind And A Deaf Exploring A V
The world from the viewpoint of the Blind

This mechanics is very meaningful, as you can use their heightened sense together to see and hear the world like a normal being. This results in two distinctive perspectives of the two characters. Hence, you'll understand their own hardship, and learn how to make them work with each other effectively.

Weakless Features A Blind And A Deaf Exploring A V
That's the outstanding features of Weakless

The soundtrack in Weakless is also very aesthetic with the combination of many unusual instruments. The music matches the atmosphere in the game perfectly, bring you the most relaxing vibes!

Weakless Features A Blind And A Deaf Exploring A V
The music is the combination of Marimba, Rav vast and Udu.

Only from the trailer that I can already feel those enjoyable moments. The game's visual looks stunning, and I expect Weakless to be something that stands out from the usual puzzle games trend today.

Release date and supported platforms

Weakless will be released on PC via Steam this Fall. The exact date is yet to be announced, but the developer has promised to bring this game to  "at least one console".

Maybe they're waiting to see if the game can gather some success before taking further actions. So, why don't we add the game to the Wishlist to make this future happen?