Rockstar has just added a new daily drop alongside GTA Online Stash Houses - the G Caches. They have been hidden around Los Santos and Blaine County by Lamar's old friend Gerard, and they contain a handy mix of cash, ammo, and snacks.

Unlike certain collectibles in GTA Online, their general location is marked on the map. However, players will still have to look for the drop in the designated area. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide to finding G's Caches in GTA Online.

Where to find G's Caches in GTA Online

Dead drops in the form of G’s Caches are being left in public areas. Capitalize on these new developments to turn them into money-making opportunities.

GTA Online G's Caches will spawn in one of 15 possible locations on the Los Santos map below.

Gta Online Gs Cache Map Locations
All 15 locations for G's caches in GTA Online

When there are multiple players in a session, G's caches will appear in different places for individual players. They can even move locations if you change sessions without collecting. Other players in the free mode session will not be able to see the package.

Upon arrival, the marker will be replaced by a gray circle on the map, indicating the area you need to search for your reward.

How to find G's Caches

When the player gets within 500 meters of the location, it will appear marked on their map

Keep walking around the area - remember to check the edges as well so that you don't overlook a cache and waste time. Try to look for the red color - the cache is a box covered with duct tape and 2 colored lines.  Each spawn location has five potential stash spots.

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The caches can be hidden inside certain objects.

It is very important that you listen out for a beeping sound, which indicates that you are near a G Cache. This might not work in noisy locations, however.

Once you've found it, follow the prompt to collect G's Cache and receive your reward of cash, ammo, and snacks. GTA Online G's Caches can be collected once per day (real-time), so you'll need to wait for the daily reset at 1 am PT / 4 am ET / 9 am GMT before another one will appear on your map.

Eclipseblvdgarageweek Gtaoe Gscaches
G's cache is a good source of consumables.

By doing this activity a number of times, players can get certain free clothing items:

  • Collect G’s Cache once to receive the Camo Roses Slab Canvas shoes.
  • Collect G’s Cache 10 times to receive the Red SC Dragon Embroidered pants.

Complete these challenges before March 1 to qualify. Getting the prizes is rather slow, however, as clothing rewards will be delivered to your wardrobe by March 10.

As this event is time-gated, players need to log in every day for 10 days if they want to get the final prize, the Red SC Dragon Embroidered pants. This event only lasts for 2 weeks, so it is possible to miss the final prize.

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