One of the most popular television shows currently or perhaps, of all time, Game of Thrones broadcasting its final season, with just one episode left to conclude a long trail.

But to most fans, the series itself has gone downhill the final season, with bad writing and seemingly rushed plots leading to an underwhelming ending of a long time built set of characters and storylines which went on over several years, gaining a considerable fanbase.

And the show writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss -- pictured below -- are the most hated people for quite a while when Game of Thrones is airing its final season, receiving much fan anger and criticism.

Ustv Db Weiss David Benioff 2
The two hated directors of the series, the victim of criticism over the last season

Fan's desperation and disappointment were so deep that fans have decided to 'Google bomb' the two public figures.

By definition, "Google bombing" Is the act of framing one specific person for some characteristic when searched on Google. It means when people type a certain phrase into the search bar of Google, the results on the top shows that exact person due to excessive search times from users. In this case, the two men are framed "bad writers".

823388 Bad Writers
"Bad writers"

This case is similar to the recent Google bombing/defacing of some public figures like Sonia Gandhi and Donald Trump, this time, fans of the series try to vent their anger and frustration on the writers for their supposedly "ruining" the series.

On Reddit's popular subreddit "freefolk" - which is Game of Thrones discussion subforum, with 847,000 subscribers -- a user started a thread with the view of doing this act gathered attention from the community and posted a post labeled 'Bad Writers. Simply by doing Upvote this post, the first results when you google "Bad Writers" will be the image of these 2 figures. The thread got many advocates of over 1,300 comments expressing the same idea, their frustration from how badly David Benioff and D.B.Weiss have ruined the final season of GOT with all sort of bad things.

The thread was a success, achieving its initial aim. Whenever someone googles for 'bad writers,' their photo ends up being the top result.