Even though Suicide Squad (2016) was a disaster, Margot Robbie's cuteness as Harley Quinn managed to get the movie a whole sequel in 2021 and her own movie Birds of Prey.

Birds Of Prey Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie cuteness as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad 2016 makes Birds of Prey happen

She has been moving constantly attending movie events to promote Birds of Prey, but she didn't forget to pay her friend, Jennifer Lawrence, a visit in New York on Tuesday.

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Margot Robbie went to Birds of Prey event with a plunging blazer and nothing else on top

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The 29 years old actress looked stunning with only a white low top cut blazer on top and nothing else, revealing her side boobs. Her blazer was so low cut that her black slack pop out on top of her vest's buttons.

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The blazer was so low cut that her black slack pop out of the top of the blazer's buttons

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Robbie was accompanied by other stars in Birds of Prey such as Rosie Perez,  Jurnee Smollett-Bell, and Ewan McGregor. They had a great time having fun at the party with the two-tone pigtails.

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Margot Robbie having fun with her co-star wearing two-tone pigtails

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Margot Robbie had peach color lips along with warm orange shade at her eyes.

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Margot Robbie revealed her side sexy side boob

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Margot Robbie is nominated for The Best Supporting Actress as she played a role in the movie Bombshell. Her first Oscar nomination was in 2018 as she played the main character in  'I, Tonya', a movie about the famous skating celebrity Tonya Harding.

Maybe with Birds of Prey, she might get a chance to shine as the main character again. Birds of Prey follows the story of Harley Quinn as she partway with Joker and creates her own gang to save a little girl from a crime overlord. Birds of Prey is now available on theatre all around the world.