Anveshi Jain is a Bollywood actress who is most known for her acting in the Indian web series Gandi Baat 2. She is also a professional model, host, and MC for many huge events in India. She also loves singing and has performed live at many events such as weddings, ceremony,...

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Anveshi Jain is one of the most known names in Indian showbiz with her appearance in more than a thousand events in India

Anveshi Jain was born on June 25, 1991, in Khajuraho, Bundelkhand, Madhya, Pradesh, India. She was an Electrical and Electronic Engineering student at first. She actually has been working as an electrical engineer for a while before she quit it and became a businesswoman. After that, she moved to Mumbai without telling her family to join showbiz, which was the most important turn point in her whole career.

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Who could have thought that Anveshi Jain was actually an electrical engineer at first


The media started to pay attention to her in 2018 when she appeared in the series Gandi Baat 2. From there, she became a big name in the Indian movie industry and has a huge number of fans.

Anveshi Jain also loves to share pictures on her Instagram frequently to interact with her fans. Her Instagram is currently having more than 2 million followers. Let's take a look at Anveshi Jain through her pictures on Instagram.

Anveshi Jain looks like a young sporty girl in a big red shirt
Anveshi Jain looks like a graceful woman with a black tight dress but still very seductive





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Anveshi Jain must be the sexiest college student ever


If you would like to check out more photos of Anveshi Jain, you can follow her Instagram @anveshi25 for more.

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