Sana Khan is an Indian actress, model, dancer from Mumbai. Recently, she shared on her Instagram three words "betrayed, broken and beautiful" a while ago, which made fans constantly wondering what she has been going through. Yesterday, she uploaded a long post, revealing that she has broken up with her boyfriend Melvin.

Sana Khan posted the whole story between her and Melvin on her Instagram

Sana and Melvin have been dating since a year ago. They had problems in their relationship like any other couple. There were rumors saying that the man has been unfaithful to her but Sana thought that people were just jealous.

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Sana Khan and Melvin fell in love with each other a year ago

But then she actually believed that something was going on when Melvin didn't let her see his phone and started deleting his messages on the phone. So, she decided what is best for her and broke up with Melvin. She also found out that he has been cheating on her with many girls since May/June and it's even worse that Sana knows one of those girls.

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Sana Khan's debut in Silambattam in 2008 as the leading female character

This incident made Sana very depressed and caused her anxiety issues. It must be tough to find out that the one who you trusted the most was cheating on you. Let's hope that she will get over this unfortunate event soon and find someone that she is deserved to have soon.

Sana Khan started her acting career in the 2005 movie Yehi Hai High Society

Sana started her acting career since 2005 in the Yehi Hai High Society movie as Sonia. She later casted in the 2008  movie Silambattam in the lead female role.

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Sana Khan's picture posted on her Instagram account

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You can check out the full detail of the story and more information on Sana Khan's Instagram: @sanakhaan21.