Filipino esports athletes to watch out for in 2022

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The Filipino esports world is gaining its glory, and the world has seen 2021 as a monumental year for players from this country.

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The Filipino esports world is gaining its glory, and the world has seen 2021 as a monumental year for players from this country. In addition, the Esports scene has proved to withhold the pressures of Covid-19, acting as a safe haven for traditional sports betting fans, which were forced to move their focus into the esports arena. As a result the industry has thrived by holding world championships and local online tournaments. However, more continents demonstrate their competence, including Africa, North America, South America and Australia.

The Esports scene is expected to gain even more following as players battle out for pride and glory. The good news is that the 19th Asian Games and 31st Southeast Asian Games will feature esports competitions. Tournaments are set to kick off in September and November 2022, as you can expect to see plenty of odds showing up on the best online sportsbooks.

Now, lets check on the following top Filipino esports athletes to watch out for in 2022.


In MPL-PH Season 8, Bren Esports showcased a terrible performance. However, the results hardly tell what KarlTzy is made of. KarlTzy possesses mechanical skills that make him rank one of the best players in MPL-PH. On December 21st, 2021, Echo announced that KarlTzy would push their MPL-PH season 9 campaign. He has experience as a SEA Games gold medalist, MPL-PH champion, and M2 World Championship MVP as an Echo star. In addition, a team of veterans have promised to guide him. If other players fail to meet his chemistry, then KarlTzy will rank high once again. Keep an eye out for  KarlTzy as will surely be topping the betting odds on the all esports betting platforms.

Mathew Baldovino

Karl is one of the best young talents of the Filipino esports scene. The 13-year-old is a competent player of the original Defense of Ancients mod for Warcraft III. Although the young professional has had hot and cold experiences in DOTA 2, he redeemed himself after joining South Korea squad T1. In 2021, Mathew reunited with Filipino teammate Carlo, also known as Kuku, in the same squad. T1 battled against competent teams only to finish 7th -8th out of 18 International ten on October 7-17,2021. Although Karl has struggled with his transition to DOTA 2, he is among the promising players that will pause a challenge in 2022. Speaking of which, DOTA 2 is one of the most-loved esports by gamblers, definitely worth checking out if you would like to start making your way on esports betting. If this BetOnline Review is anything to go by, with this platform you will be able to easily keep up to date with the betting odds being placed on Matthew and other DOTA 2 players. We can only wait and see how Matthew will perform on DOTA 2 this season!


He is a crucial player who represented the Philippines in the grand stage of Valorant. As many would expect, the 29-year-old is yet to retire from the esports scene. From December 1st to 8th, Jayvee participated in the Valorant Champions Tour held in Berlin, Germany. Many teams considered Dubstep as an underdog. However, his squad, Team Secret, proved their vigilance in the First-person shooter scene after finishing 5th-8th. He spiced up the tournament finishing top eight of the Average Combat Score leaderboards with 237.7.


Jonard Caranto had a stunning arrival at the professional league. Before joining RSG Philippines, the former Jungler at JNA Esports had a positive reputation in amateur tournaments. During the MPL-PH Season 8, Demonkite recorded the highest kills and KDA for three weeks. He gained recognition after recording 4.16 kills and 5.14 KDA per game. He impressively adjusted from amateur competitions to the professional scene and helped RSG PH to finish eighth during the MPL Invitational 2021. Due to the talents in team RSG PH, we are likely to see gamblers staking their money in their favour.

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Skerd gained recognition as the Most Valuable Player after breaking the code in the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2021 East Finals held on December 11th -12th, 2021. In addition, Skerd led the Tier One Entertainment backed squad in PH invitational and won against local powerhouses Omega Esports, Por Esports, and Fantasma. Having conquered the world on a limited graphics setting, Blacklist International can achieve more with the best peripherals in its possession.


The duel Valorant superstar from DeLa Salle University Viridis Arcus has a record of dominance in the University Alliance Cup Valorant for three seasons. His ability to leap a professional place in a significant intercollegiate league has attracted the attention of many teams. Bren Esports revealed that they had acquired Xavi8K services. However, Xavi8k got a chance to compete in the pro division under Sunsparks in the Valorant Champions Tour Playoffs. Xavi8k has a regional ranking of #163 and a winning rate of 75%/71%. His current streak is three wins in a row. With such a promising record, bettors are likely to wager on him.


Jerrold Regay is among the best snipers in the Philippines. Woopiiee and NRX Jeremiah 29:11 are among the first local esports teams to professionally compete in Call of Duty Mobile. NRX Jeremiah 29:11 have showcased their gaming abilities in tournaments such as CODM-Philippines Championship 2020 and CODM World Championship 2020- Garena. In addition, they have displayed their mastery in one of the prestigious tournaments, CODM World Championship 2020. The public favourite has managed a runner-up finish in the PH Invitational 2021.


Dustin has represented the Philippines in different tournaments since 2014. Dustin Mangulabnan has escalated in the Tiers 1 tournament and qualifiers. WanningMoon hailed to glory after clinching the Master's Qualifiers: Ironforge #90 and Masters Qualifiers: Silvermoon#100. Fans have high hopes for Wanningmoon, and they expect him to bring glory at home when Esports Asian Games 2022 kicks off.

The Esports scene has gained relevance in the Philippines as Filipino talents showcase their mastery in various tournaments. Skills have emerged to secure a place on the international stage. The above are names that will dominate the Esports world, if other players fail to match their chemistry. Take a close look at their teams when searching for esports odds to bet on, as they’ll surely will not disappoint.

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