If you plan to start playing slots online, analyze the RTP offered at various casinos. Payout percentages (RTP) in various virtual casinos can vary significantly and vary from a low of 80% too high up to 98%. So, you only need to choose slot machine games with the most attractively high RTP to increase your chances of winning and leave the virtual casino in a good mood. However, before playing online slots for real money you need to try them for free first.

The best online free slots will help you to learn the basics of the game and check if winnings correspond to stated RTP at the chosen casino. Free online slots will also help you to manage your bankroll correctly.

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Remember the limits of your bankroll during the game in slots

Set the so-called "loss limit" for yourself before playing at a real or online casino club. If you are lucky and got win, stop at the moment when the amount of your game budget is doubled. If you lose, then leave the slot machine when the bankroll loss limit is reached.

It may come as a surprise to you how quickly your bankroll can go down when playing on slot machines (both, for free and for real money). Moreover, there are so many slot machine games at the casino, they are at almost every corner of the webpage! Thus, you can spend more than you’ve planned. How to avoid this?

  • Cash-out a certain amount before the game to reduce the risk of excessive waste.
  • Play along with a friend who will not let you spend more than was originally planned.
  • Play with a lower denomination of coins. This will extend the time of your game with the slot machine, and save material resources.

Hold your win

Postpone your winnings by playing with the funds that were originally allocated to the bankroll, so you will never leave the casino with an empty pocket.

Become a member of the online club and use loyalty programs

Join a club of slot machine fans (such are offered in some online casinos) and use attractive offers available for clients of the online casino club. If you play online, you can also use several bonuses offers that many online casinos generously offer, such as:

  • Welcome Bonuses;
  • No Deposit Bonuses;
  • Free spins, etc.

Compare bonus offers from various casinos and find the most attractive option for yourself.

Plan the distribution of your funds in the long run in the game of free slots

Always start playing slots with a demo mode. During the demo mode, you will be able to properly plan your expenses for the game - this will help you stay in the black and not lose "extra" money in case of failure.