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Rust is one such game that has become extremely popular in recent times. The game is played on an enormous island where you have nothing but some rocks to your name. It is completely upon you how exactly you are going to gather sources of food and other materials in order to survive in the game.

Survival is the main goal in Rust. However, there are various challenges that you will have to come across. You will be competing with other players and also surviving against wild animals. If you are a beginner, then you will also have to be aware of certain tips and tricks in order to survive in the game. So, here we are with a handful of tips, tricks, and the best rust hacks that can be especially useful for a beginner.

#1- Follow the in-game tutorial: 

In order to make really good progress in the game, you need to go through the in-game tutorial. The game of Rust has certain basic objectives like building a campfire, harvesting wood and stone, and gathering some entry-level tools.

The list of requirements is provided in the tutorial itself and it is very important for you to be familiar with the tutorial before you begin your game. You can also become aware of the best rust hacks to win your game.

#2- Decide where you are going to place your sleeping bag: 

Sleeping bags are very important for your game. It will help you to return back to the game in case you die or exit the game. The sleeping bag is a very precious item in the game and you need to consider where exactly you are going to put your sleeping bag.

You should move around the island and select a spot that is in the secluded area that will help you to return back safely when you make an exit in the game.

#3- Find your hemp: 

In order to place your sleeping bag at a perfect location, you need to get your hemp. Hemp is not very hard to find in the game. It is extremely important for your survival in the game. You can use your hemp to make a sleeping bag and thus protect yourself from various enemies and wildlife.

#4- Pay attention to the temperature: 

In case you get too hot or too cold, your character may get affected. Getting too cold can start to damage you with time. Your health will fall and it can cause you to lose your game. Getting too hot is also quite dangerous for your health. So, you need to make sure that you spend your time in optimal conditions only.

#5- Watch out for silent nodes: 

Gathering material can be a difficult task. That is why you should always pay attention to the nodes. Try to seek out smaller resources that you can simply put in your bag without requiring many tools.

These silent nodes will give you a huge advantage in the game. You will also be able to keep them hidden from your enemies or any other elements of danger.

#6- Keep your eyes open for wildlife: 

It is not just players that can harm you in Rust. You can get affected by wildlife as well. There are a huge number of dangerous animals that you need to keep yourself protected from. You should try gathering wood and some other weapons early in the game so that you can keep yourself away from the wild animals.

#7- Collect seeds while playing your game: 

You may come across a lot of vegetation and hemp seeds while you are in your game. You must always try to keep those with you safely and look for an excellent place where you can plant these.

Hemp and food are really important in the game and it is very important for you to have a reliable source from where you can get a sufficient supply of vegetables and hemp at all times. Also, you should plant the crops safely so that they are always hidden from the enemies.

#8- Try your best to loot:

You must leave no scope of looting at any point in the game. Some of the best items will be provided to you at the beginning of the game but there are a lot of advanced items as well that might be scattered throughout the map finding a metal hatchet or a radiation-proof piece of clothing can be really useful in the game. It can help you to speed your progress and increase your chances of survival. So, you should start exploring different locations on the map and also look for items to loot. You can also look to dilapidated convenience stores as they are a valuable source of food and water.

And these are some of the best survival tips for beginners at Rust. For more tips, you can keep visiting us.

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