There are several reasons as to why a certain casino cannot be accessed in your country – the reasons may either be financial or technical. Not surprisingly, these are not the only two reasons why a gambling platform is being blocked – what causes this blocking? In this article, we will show you some of these reasons as to why certain Online casino Australia real money sites are blocked in different countries.

The information you provide to the online casinos needs to be accurate

Yes, you are unable to access a casino site; one of the reasons is using the wrong information. If the casino finds that your profile information is wrong, they have the right to banish you. For some years, players used nicknames and synonyms to play online casino games.

Today, however, online casinos battle this problem by ensuring that the player’s personal data and payment information is a match. If they find any type of inconsistency, your account will be frozen and you will not be able to access your account.


Using third-party personal and payment data

Most gamblers tend to hide information by using personal and payment information provided by third-parties. However, it is advised against doing so. Most casinos are fitted with technologies that are capable of detecting these frauds. Sadly, you cannot even make use of various VPN services, free or paid.

More than a single account on casino sites

Due to the number of frauds being committed by users, online gambling platforms do not allow users to register more than a single account. As a matter of fact, these platforms make use of third-party services to check whether the withdrawal/deposit of the funds is being done on multiple accounts; if they are indeed detected, all the related profiles will be blocked. Sadly, you will also not be able to withdraw the funds.

Mostly, online casinos are blocked by a majority of the countries; you can make use of different proxies to access them. However, it is important to know that you should do so only if you a burning desire to play, not just for passing your time.

Using the services of third-party malware

Today, reputed gambling sites are fitted with the latest technology available for security and safety. This means that even if you make use of third-party malware, these sites will get to know about it. All your attempts will be registered as hacking and you will be blocked from using the services. Additionally, you may even be reported for illegal behavior.

Most countries do not allow their citizens to engage in any form of online betting; doing so will violate a lot of local laws. In most cases, the online casino is not held responsible; however, it is the player that has to face the consequences. Hence, if you plan on playing these online gambling games, you need to ensure that you do not violate the rules of the state. You should also know that you cannot hold the platform responsible if you face any legal problems with your local government or the site itself.