There has been a considerable increase in the number of streamers in the world and therefore, both skillful and newbie streamers have tried harder to create more interesting content to attract more views and interactions from the viewers. Especially, the netizens have got familiar with their tricks of “accidentally” boasting about big boobs. However, there are a few exceptions. Popular streamer Xiang Xiang in the following article experienced a similar incident and luckily got a sweet ending.

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Xiang Xiang

Speaking of her advantages, like many other streamers, Xiang Xiang has a beautiful face and sexy body. It’s not surprising that she has now had a large number of fans. However, what impresses the netizens the most comes from her ability to play a variety of games from MOBA games like League of Legends to FPS games such as Apex Legends and PUBG.

Many fans send a rain of praise for her gaming skills and some even say that they learn a lot from how she plays the games. A few days ago, this lovely streamer faced an unexpected accident on a live stream that could make her get a permanent ban on the platform.


Accordingly, in the latest live streaming session, Xiang Xiang wore a deep-cut black two-string top that helped her show off her appealing breast. No one could know for sure whether she wore a bra or not, but while she kept playing the game and making fun with the viewers, our streamer gradually got down. She didn’t seemingly know that a large part of her breast rapidly was shown on the live stream.

Streamer Reveal Breast

Streamer Two String Shirt

Fortunately, there were some of her loyal fans who didn’t lose their minds because of her hot scene. They rapidly warned her by a great direct method: They donated money along with a message revealing what’s happening to her on the live stream. Right after reading the message, Xiang Xiang covered her breast in a hurry by hand.

Xiang Xiang Streamer

Of course, fans rapidly recorded the memorable moment and the clip went viral after a short time. There were also lots of comments relating to this accident. Some of her fans felt excited and sent a series of praise to her beauty.

Noel Streamer

Unlike many other streamers, our streamer didn’t come under fire because she obviously didn’t have any intention to create a scandal. Xiang Xiang was known for her skillful gaming ability, instead of boasting about her sexy body. That’s why this stream has kept receiving lots of support from the viewers.