Following a scandal that accused it of workplace sexism, League of Legends developer Riot Games has hired former Dropbox employee Angela Roseboro as its chief diversity officer.

A few months ago, several stories from both former and current employees of Riot were published on the Internet saying that the company’s leaders were condoning a culture of prioritizing men and sexually objectifying women. Shortly afterward, Riot was faced with a gender discrimination lawsuit and later had to admit that it made mistakes.

Sexist Work Culture At Riot Games
Riot Games is accused of condoning a sexist work culture

Now, Roseboro is coming in as the first-ever chief diversity officer of the company. This is seen as a step towards rectifying its culture. She will be working closely with Chief People Officer Emily Winkle to manage all activities related to diversity and inclusion (D&I) with the ultimate goal of creating a more inclusive working culture. Additionally, she will also lead the recruiting team to make sure that talents are identified, recruited, and developed appropriately.

Roseboro’s appointment comes 6 months after Riot promised to right its wrong. Last Tuesday, the company published its first big update on the current progress of the Riot cultural transformation team.

In a statement, Roseboro explained that the reason she chose to take the job despite the scandal was because she was so taken by the enthusiasm of some passionate Rioters. She then went on to add that she “can’t wait to get started” and would do her best to create a work culture in which every employee feels appreciated.

Angela Roseboro2
Angela Roseboro, Riot Games' newly-appointed chief diversity officer

For her part, Emily Winkle said she’s “thrilled to welcome [Roseboro]” and that the latter’s expertise would be a great asset to their D&I efforts.

Roseboro has over 2 decades of experience, including multiple leadership roles. For her most recent job, she worked as Dropbox’s global head of diversity, equity, and inclusion, during which she contributed to the development and implementation of several initiatives whose purpose was to promote inclusion and drive Dropbox towards its goal of becoming a workplace where talents could thrive.