As April the 26th draws nearer and nearer, the hype for Avengers: Endgame is only getting more intense every day. Now, a new trailer for the upcoming blockbuster movie has surfaced, which gives us further insights about what’s going to happen. If for some reason you haven’t watch it yet, you can find it right below:

So, let’s dig deeper into the details to break down what we might get to see when the movie actually rolls out:

Going back to the origin

Right at the beginning, the trailer shows Tony Stark in his Mach 1 Iron Man suit, the very first one he made in 2008’s Iron Man. Later on, we see several other flashbacks of other characters, such as Thor with his father Odin and Steve Rogers at Peggy Carter’s funeral. All of these are in grey and white, with certain parts highlighted crimson.

Avengers Endgame Cap Red
The flashbacks are grey and white, with a tint of crimson

We can hear Stark relaying a message for his lover Pepper Potts in which he looks back on the major events of his life and how he came to realize he loves her. Then, a female voice (presumably Peggy Carter’s) reads “The world has changed. None of us can go back. All we can do is our best. And sometimes, the best we can do is to start over.” If you recall, this is the conversation Carter had with Steve Rogers back in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As this narrative goes on, the screen switches to another flashback of a skinny Steve Rogers enlisting into the US army.

3511078 4
A skinny Steve Rogers enlisting into the army

We get to see more of Hawkeye

We already caught a glimpse of Hawkeye in the first trailer, but this time we get to see more of him. It appears that he’s going to play a major role in Endgame, as we see Natasha Romanoff meeting him in Japan. In the comics, Clint Barton eventually put behind the Hawkeye title and move on to fight crime under the new name “Ronin” (a Japanese word to refer to a lone warrior or a masterless samurai), which is probably what is going on here.

Ronin Hawkeye Avengers Endgame Jeremy Renner 15450
Hawkeye becomes Ronin?

Barton looks bitter and depressed, and ever since the first trailer fans have speculated that the reason behind his drastic change is because his family was killed by Thanos’ snap. This is further supported by a subsequent flashback in which we see him happily teaching archery to his daughter. By the way, this scene has also led many people to believe that Hawkeye’s daughter will replace the role of Kate Bishop in the comics and become his successor.

3511079 5
A happy flashback of Clint Barton and his daughter

Ant-man has escaped the Quantum Realm?

3511083 9

In this part we can see Scott Lang looking at a “missing” poster with a distressed look on his face. This probably means he has somehow managed to get out of the Quantum Realm and return, yet unfortunately, only to find everyone he loves gone.

Avengers Assemble

Following the scene with Ant-man were shots of several characters, including Bruce Banners, Thor, and Rocket Raccoon standing on War Machine’s shoulder, Nebula doing her usual things which is yelling and fighting. Hawkeye pops up pretty frequently between the shots, further implying his importance in the upcoming events.

3511086 12
Rocket Raccoon and War Machine

But what comes after those series of shots is probably the most interesting part of the trailer. Here, we see the full team (what’s left of them, anyway) walking through the Avengers Headquarter in brand new outfits. There are several things to note here, the first of which is that both Nebula and Tony Stark are among them. This suggests that the two has escaped Titan, survived Space, and made it to Earth. However, don’t take this as a concrete fact just yet, as Marvel is known for its tendency to misdirect fans by including footages that are not in the actual film in its trailers (Remember the scene from Infinity War trailer when we saw The Hulk running beside the Avengers and T’challa’s army in Wakanda?).

Tony Stark is with the team, are they going back through time?

Then, fans have theorized that the suits that the entire team is wearing are specially-designed ones that allow them to travel to the Quantum Realm, which would mean they could be traveling back through time. Earlier we saw a glimpse of Captain America on the battlefield in what seems like his original uniform, so time travel is totally a possibility here.