Facebook is currently making every effort to give its gaming section a big push, even by bringing the content of its games onto your main feed page (as long as you allow it there). By having the Facebook app on your mobile device (which is already installed by the majority of people), you will be able to attach a permanent and direct link to your gaming content on Facebook soon. The links will be placed squarely on top of your apps. A recent blog post by the company has mentioned that a Gaming tab on top of your screen may very well be added within today.

1A wide range of functions will be introduced in Facebook Gaming tab.

According to a Facebook official, they will take the first step by initially introduce the tab of Facebook Gaming to people who currently enjoy Facebook games every month. Significantly, a number of over 700 million individuals are listed in that so-called small subset. The company’s objective is to attract more and more enthusiastic gamers on Facebook, thus broaden the tab’s accessibility. If you still cannot find the Gaming tab on your Facebook navigation bar, try checking your Facebook Bookmarks menu.

As long as the games are developed by the Facebook company, you will gain quick access to them together with their gaming streams and gaming groups, all connected to a single Gaming tab. And do not forget that there are more than 700 million Facebook users joining this community with you. Besides, Facebook takes the role a beta tester on their own gaming app, dedicating particularly to Android device ones.

2A glance at how Facebook prepares for the new Gaming project  

Kyle Hilliard, a Senior Associate Editor with a decade of experience has stated that Facebook’s efforts to promote their gaming section is interesting as gaming is truly the most popular type of online entertainment. People are there not only to play games but also to watch streamers or to read about stuff related to the games they play. Concerning the fact that Twitch and Youtube are worthy competitors, whether Facebook could find itself a place makes many people curious.