For the gaming community, Epic Games’ Fortnite and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins have a “special” relationship. Nowadays you cannot mention one with the other.

Tyler Ninja Blevins Fortnite Interview
Tyler "Ninja" Blevins

Ninja doesn’t work for Epic Games. He doesn’t attend any type of Epic Games meetings or anything similar, but he definitely has some inside information since he made his reputation on Fortnite and, vice versa, Fortnite became as famous as today partly due to Ninja’s reputation.

And just recently on his stream, Ninja stated that he would play Fortnite with K-pop band iKON. And this event is set to take place in New York on March 16. However, the most interesting thing about this event is that there will be a brand-new Fortnite map for the event.

This event is a collaboration between Epic Games and Samsung. Samsung is in the marketing campaign for the new line of Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones, and this event is a part of the whole campaign. In addition to the potential new map, Ninja also revealed that there would be a new Fortnite skin and emote for Samsung Galaxy 10 owners only. Look like the South Korean telecom company intends to go big this time with Samsung Galaxy 10.

Ninja has also revealed that regular players will have a chance to join the event and play on this exclusive map, but that is everything we know up to this moment.
At least, we can see that Samsung’s Fortnite x Galaxy event page announcing that players will be able to sign up to get more information about the event and especially how to join Ninja and iKON “for a one-of-a-kind Fortnite x Galaxy gaming experience in New York at Samsung 837.”

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Korean band iKON

From the short description of the event, we can guess that only players who can take part in this event physically will be able to play with Ninja and iKON on this exclusive Fortnite map. Once fans sign up, no email is sent directly providing more information about the event yet. That probably means more information is coming in the next few days. Perhaps the organizers of the event will send email for all registered fans in no time.