In recent days, the Japanese netizens have paid lots of attention to a story revealed by a man nicknamed A who complains about his girlfriend. He has just realized that she turns out to be a popular YouTuber with a large number of followers. Many may not know why he feels unhappy with her; however, things don’t seem as simple as they think. Accordingly, his girlfriend turns out to be a YouTuber who specializes in creating ASMR content.


For those unknown, the ASMR sound that this YouTuber creates is completely different from what is created by others. To get more specific, instead of sounds of chewing food, falling leaves, she mainly makes exciting sounds for men, such as sounds of kisses, licking ears, or other sounds created by erotic actions.

Although his girlfriend seldom appears in YouTube videos, A also felt embarrassed for the harassing and daring comments she has received. However, the guy felt worse when realizing that the number of subscribers on her ASMR YouTube channel has kept increasing while her income from this platform and videos has increased exponentially.

It’s not surprising why his girlfriend has had a powerful passion for her current career as an ASMR YouTuber. She even has a plan to invest some expensive devices such as high-definition cameras and ASMR micros to serve the audience better.

It is said that A who even plans to get married to his girlfriend has advised her to give up YouTube many times but she seemingly doesn’t have the same plan. They have argued about this issue and the YouTuber thought that A doesn’t know anything about her career.

Asmr Youtube

While talking to the netizens, A didn’t hide his anger and said that he didn’t want his girlfriend to make money from men’s obscene eyes. The majority of the netizens feel sympathetic and anxious about his marriage. Many think that it’s hard for a girl who lives a glamorous life as many other YouTubers to give up this job.

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