Techland has made a name for itself as a studio of the classics. Call Of Juarez was a prime example to support that claim, and so was Dead Island. The two games have won themselves so many dedicated fans that their sequels were sure things. With the success of these titles, Techland has an ample opportunity to develop its ability.

Call Of Juarez and Dead Island are not something everyone will love but no one can deny that if it had not been for these two games, Dying Light would never be released. This title debuted in 2015 and back then, it caught the attention of millions of players. And when Dying Light 2 is about to be released, let’s look back on its predecessor.

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Dying Light is excellent in every way

Dying Light was an excellent title in every way. Player’s experience was exhilarating as the movement was extremely smooth. When the characters jump from rooftop to rooftop or from tree to tree, we could feel for ourselves the speed and the momentum. All of these things are put against a backdrop of a soul-stirring city, which, in turn, enhances the overall sensory experience. As a visceral melee combat, its players found enjoyment in slaughtering zombies. The day-night circle helps weave the stories together creating a long-lasting impression. All of this encourages Techland to expand the story even more with Dying Light 2.

This sequel comes as no surprise for the gaming community. The trailer showed at E3 2018 and the information that the game will be on all main platforms in the near future act as only a confirmation for what fans had projected long before.

Dying Light 2 2
Dying Light 2 is coming soon

In Dying Light 2, the studio has pinpointed every key feature fans love about the first version and elevate them to a whole new level. The list of improvement includes combat, free-running movement, and co-operative system. However, that is not everything Techland envisions for Dying Light 2. This time, the studio wants each player to create their own storyline by weaving choices and consequences into the game. This is not a new trick for Techland as it has done the same thing for nearly 20 years now.

Meet Dying Light 2’s New Zombies

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The newly-infected are highly dangerous

Tymon Smektała, Techland’s lead designer, revealed that in Dying Light 2, there would be a new type of zombies. They are called the Virals, human has just got bitten so there are traces of human traits remain in them. They are afraid of the sun and can move more quickly than a regular zombie. After that, they turn into the Biters, the type of zombies that we have already known about. Biters will attempt to bite or eat you if they can but they are much slower than the Virals.

Dying Light 2 Will Be An Open-World Game

You get to decide what the game turns out to be

According to Kornel Jaskula, Dying Light 2’s producer, the studio aimed at the next generation of open-world sandbox design.

In their plan, the majority of the game will be according to players’ choice. For each possibility, the environment will change, the upcoming events are different too, as well as the gameplay experience.

What About The Dying Light Movie?

Dying Light 2 Official Trailer E3 2018
There might be a movie but not now

Back in 2016, a rumor of a movie adaption of Dying Light surfaced, and now, we hear from it again.

Tymon Smektała said that there was a possibility of a movie but it would not happen anytime soon. He confirmed that there were some conversations on scripts and the initial idea of how the movie would turn out to be but it was not time. If a movie did happen, he would like it to be about Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 Will Have Game Of Throne And The Witcher 3’s Influence

Dying Light 2 Concept Art 3
Techland wants to create a modern Dark Ages

Techland has high ambition for Dying Light 2. They want to create a world that can pull in players and keep them engaged for even years. And to do that, they created a version of the Dark Ages in modern time. This feature has a lot in common with what happens in Game Of Throne season 8.

Another challenge for the company is how to strike a balance between gameplay and the storyline. To meet this aim, they worked with Chris Avellone and some others who used to be involved in the making of the Witcher 3.

Players Will Have The Grappling Hook In Dying Light 2

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The grappling hook will be back

Despite being a well-loved feature, the grappling hook actually interrupts the parkour movement so the studio did not let players have it until they have advanced deep into the game. It was kind of a reward for those who have mastered the freerunning. Dying Light 2 will have this feature fixed so the hook will not break the movement again.

Dying Light 2’s World Is So Large That You Need To Come Back Several Times To Explore Them All

The game can develop in many ways so the studio had to put in a large amount of content to support them. So players may have to spend quite a lot of time exploring to see what it has.