Elli AvrRam, the beautiful actress of Malang, has talked about how Coronavirus pandemic affected her life and emotion these days. She said she has been experiencing a tough time when her loved ones were stuck in Sweden.

Elli AvrRam Revealed How Her Life Change Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

The actress has had an exclusive interview with the Indian press Etimes. She talked about changes in her life and emotion due to coronavirus outbreak these days. She is living in worry as her loved people are in Sweden while Europe is one of the biggest epicenters in the world now.

Elli Avrram 1
Ellie in self-quarantine at home

The actress said she kept checking their situation through regular calls but it still made her stressed. Elli also said it was the first time she had seen Mumbai in such a cautious situation. All activities are canceled and people stay indoors.

Elli Avrram 4
She keeps in touch with fans through social media

Like everyone in this country, Elli is also taking precautions, following quarantine instructions, and taking care. Coronavirus outbreak also affected her life a lot. She has to postpone her works and meetings. However, the actress still keeps dancing and doing other activities to keep fit at home. From a positive point of view, Elli thinks coronavirus outbreak is a break time for her to rest after her busy schedule with the shooting.

Elli Avrram 5
The actress still keeps dancing and doing other activities to keep fit at home

The most stressful thing with her during this time is that her loved ones are in Sweden while she is in Mumbai. She can only check their situations through the phone line. But she still stays calm. It’s also the message she sent her fans:

“Stay calm. Don’t panic.”

She explained a lot of fake news and negative thing on the internet could make people get mad. So, the best way is to stay away from misinformation and not spreading fake news. People should take precautions, take care, and stay happy and grateful. She said we should smile because we were lucky to have good health.

In addition to the interview, she also treats fans with lots of stunning looks of her through social media.

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