Sanya Malhotra, 28, is a popular Indian actress. She made her debut in the biographical sports film Dangal. She was last seen in a romantic film titled ‘Photograph’ in 2019.

After over a year being absent from the silver screen, the beautiful actress is coming back with another biographical film titled Shakuntala Devi. Sanya is playing the lead support role as the daughter of the main character, a not-so-pretty girl. Check it out here with

Sanya Malhotra In The Upcoming Film Shakuntala Devi

The beautiful actress is playing a lead support role in the upcoming biographical film titled ‘Shakuntala Devi’. This movie is based on the life of a real Indian great writer and so-called ‘human-computer’ woman. The main character of Shakuntala Devi is played by an experienced actress Vidya Balan. Sanya is going to play the role of Devi’s daughter, Anupama Banerjee. It’s also the first time the two actresses co-star in a film.  

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Sanya is going to play the role of Devi’s daughter, Anupama Banerjee in the upcoming film

Talking about her role in this highly-anticipated movie, Sanya expressed her excitement about the role. She is going to hide her alluring look and appear as a not-so-beautiful girl. She said 70 percent of their job was done by the hair and make-up department. They want to bring audiences the truest looks of those real people.

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She is a beautiful Hindi-movie actress

Sanya also shared that she was ready for the new role. In addition, the director of this film, Anu Menon, also helps her a lot to understand the character the best. This upcoming biopic will come to audiences in theaters on May 8th.

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She performed excellently in the film Photograph

Apart from this biographical film, Sanya also has a couple of films this year. She will also appear in a highly-anticipated anthology movie Ludo. Moreover, she is also shooting for a Hindi comedy titled Pagglait. Fans will see both these films this year 2020.

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