Last Friday, March 15th, there were two attacks at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Gunmen used automatic weapons to shoot at people who were praying inside the mosque. After the attack, about 50 people were killed immediately, and nearly 50 people were injured badly, staying in the hospital. One of the killed people is Atta Elayyan. He was praying at the Masjid Al Noor Mosque as usual when a guy suddenly came inside the mosque, firing his weapon at everyone. He died due to this attack. Since then, people in every region in the world offered to support murdered people’s families. Many funding pages were set up for them. And there is one for Elayyan’s.

Elayyan was famous for being a part of NewType, a Counter-Strike: Source team, reported the first time on Daily Esports. NewType was extremely outstanding. They won in 7 over 15 events in total. In only three seasons, they became one of the top 3.

Atta Elayyan took the picture with his team NewType, sitting in the bottom right

On the GamePlantet forums in 2012, Elayyan wrote that: “We spent six or seven hours a night playing. We eventually toppled all of Australia's top teams. We were fairly unstoppable, winning LAN after LAN and nearly every online competition we entered.”

In 2008, he suddenly left his team as well as Counter-Strike. Elayyan wanted to focus on studying at university as he was in the final year of computer science degree.

After that, he established Lazyworm Apps, a company working on developing Windows Store’s programs. He also made an app called MetroTube. This app now still one of the most well-known apps on Windows Store.

Former Cs Pro Atta Elayyan Christchurch Shooting
Atta Elayyan with his software company Lazyworm Apps

Moreover, Atta Elayyan was chosen to represent in international futsal for his country, having 19 international caps for the New Zealand Futsal Whites, playing an important role in Canterbury United Futsal Dragons. Ronan Naicker, one of his friends, and also his fellow coach, describe Elayyan as “someone you would follow. He wasn’t trying to be a leader, he just naturally was by his personality.”

People opened a page named GiveALittle to raise money for his family after this tragedy, including his wife and his daughter Aya, who is now only 2 years old. Until now, the raised money is over $118,000. There are 12 days until they close the funding page.