The next Sony Entertainment Television’s project Beyhadh 2 is attracting great concern from audiences. They are following every news related to this show. Therein, there is some news saying that the actress Jennifer Winget quitted Beyhadh 2. However, the actress denied that rumor. Check out this news here with

Jennifer Winget Will Still Join Beyhadh 2

Sony Ent TV has revealed recently that this channel hasn’t decided to shift the romantic drama thriller TV series to SonyLIV. The series will be provided by this channel and follow the plan and meet its logical conclusion.

Jennifer Winget Denied Quitting Beyhadh 2
The Actress Denied Quitting Beyhadh 2

About the rumor saying that Jennifer Winget won't join the TV show, the actress has addressed it. She confirmed that she will still join Beyhadh 2 as the lead female role. The announcement of her on social media cleared the rumor and calmed down her fans. She wrote on her post that she was not quitting the show, and nothing would change her decision. Jennifer is following her plans she drew out.

Beautiful Jennifer
She confirmed to continue to play the lead role in the show

Jennifer also confirmed that the show would stick to the original flow of the plot. The channel also gives the show on its digital platform. Before that, some rumors say that this actress decided to quit the show because Sony Ent TV channel shifted the show to another channel. Then, Jennifer's post put an end to those rumors.

Jennifer Winget
She posted her announcement on social media the clear the rumor

According to the producer of Beyhadh 2, Prateek Sharma, this TV series is a finite TV show running for six months. It has been telecasted for three months. He confirmed that the rest of the show would stick to their plan. There is no change in the cast or plot of the series.

Jennifer Winget
The beautiful actress won't quite the show

Beyhadh 2 is a great hit of Indian large screen. It stars many famous actors, such as Jennifer Winget, Shivin Narang, and Ashish Chowdhary as the lead roles. This TV show hit the Indian airwaves on December 2nd, 2019. Here are some beautiful pictures of the actress. Jennifer 2

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