If you are a fan of the game Pokemon Go, then you must have known the famous Pokemon Go grandpa who became famous on the internet last summer. This Taiwanese grandfather played Pokemon Go on multiple phones at the same time.

Chen San-Yuan – the Pokemon Go master – was captured in multiple photos and clips when he was riding around Taipei with 6-9-11 mobile phones attached to his bike on his journey of collecting Pokemons. At that time, his Pokemon Go hobby cost him more than $1,200 a month. But now, he has taken his game to a whole new level: almost doubling the smartphones he plays Pokemon Go at the same time.

Pokemon Go Taiwan Grandpa 21 Phones
Chen San-Yuan and his Pokemon Go passion

Just recently, a video was shared online, and quickly became viral – of this Pokemon Go grandpa playing with 21 mobile phones connected to his bike. In the clip, he still managed to catch numerous different Pokemons on different smartphones at the same time – a thing that many young players cannot do.

When he first went viral, many people have questioned the reason behind his passion. Mr. Chen San-Yuan just simply replied that his passion comes from his combat against the Alzheimer disease. And along the way, he got chances to meet new people, make new interesting friends, both online and offline.

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From his combat with the Alzheimer disease, the grandpa started his passion

However, this passion is not cheap at all. This Pokemon Go papa admitted that he does spend quite a lot for this game. Not to mention all the money for the phones and the portable chargers, in-game microtransactions are available for Pokemon Go players to make this game "smoother." Mr. Chen San-Yuan confessed that he has spent more than he should have on this feature of the game.

Anyway, it's his money after all. But seeing the evolution of his investment for the game, we can have expectations to see what he comes up with next!

However, we do not encourage Pokemon Go players to try to mimic this grandpa. You still have to be aware of your road while using your phones. If you hit somebody while watching your phone's screen, there might be a lot of problems regardless of your excuse – so please be careful.