As we all know, Google has been hinting a project about a streaming game system that will change the way the world play games. This promise from Google seems a little bit too much at first, to be honest. But then, on March 19th, Google’s keynote about this streaming system – Stadia – was delivered. And it seems like Google has also delivered the hope for Stadia to us through the keynote speech.

Screenshot 2
Stadia was introduced by Google in the GDC 2019 on March 19th

Stadia is a completely cloud-based video game system that can be accessed from any device. With this platform, you can play any games (provided that the game is in the database of Google) on any devices – PCs, laptops, tablets or even smartphones. The only requirement for this game streaming system to work is that your internet connection for the playing device must be really strong and fast. Otherwise, the lag will kill your gaming experience.

Google Stadia
The way Stadia works is quite simple and straightforward

The problem of lag and latency is always among the most significant issues for gamers. And it is not surprising to see all experts’ first concerns for Stadia are lag and latency. Yes, there are games where the delay between pressing a button and seeing an action performed is a common thing. But for most of the games, especially games with fast-paced vibes, the lag and latency are pretty unacceptable for gamers.

Having predicted the concerns beforehand, Google has proved its confidence by boasting the power of Stadia with 2 heavy games: Assassin's Creed Odyssey (ACO) and Doom. This is the declaration from the global tech corporation that Stadia will not feature any type of lag or latency. Sadly, Google’s declaration was not 100% fulfilled on the keynote speech. Although the introduction yesterday of this streaming system did not satisfy everyone, Stadia still showed that this bad boy would have a pretty bright future.

Things went pretty smoothly with the test for ACO. Some even claimed that they sensed no differences in playing ACO on Stadia and playing ACO on a console. But the test for Stadia with Doom was not that nice. Technically, the pace of ACO is quite slower than the pace of Doom, so the lag and latency were much more noticeable than that of ACO.

Google Gdc Stadia 14
Assassin's Creed Odyssey had a pretty good test on Stadia

If anyone who has played Doom normally, they will realize the differences when playing on Stadia immediately. All actions are not instantaneous anymore, leading to the fact that you cannot calculate the shots like before, calculate the melee hits like before. These delays are not enjoyable at all, but the good news is that they are not that disastrous for the game. You cant enjoy Doom on Stadia the same as the way you enjoy that game on a console, but the game is not unable to play. You are just more terrible with the game (a lot more)

But the good news for gamers with budget limitation is that our bodies learn things really fast. It means that if you play any games with latency and you keep playing that game, the latency will cause less discomfort for you. Yes, it is still there, but our body adapts to that latency up to a point that you will enjoy the game more than the latency. This is not an ideal way to play games, but with gamers who can't afford big, strong PC but still want to play heavy games, Stadia is already a good enough option for them.

And please don’t forget that the internet system all over the world will definitely be improved alongside the development of the society. The 5G technology has been hinted to be released in summer 2020 with a speed of 5 – 10 times faster than 4G. In 3 – 4 year, we may see Stadia dominating the gaming industry like Netflix now.