Apparently, India is becoming a new destination for esports. Due to the success of Dreamhack Mumbai 2018, ESL has decided to change their plan: they will host the ESL One Mumbai 2019 instead of the ESL One. Although the event still occurs in the financial capital of India, this alteration means the ESL One Mumbai 2019 championship is a more upgraded version of the ESL One Championship. And its price pool has proved the point - $300.000 - the same as the prize pool of a Dota2 Minor Championship now. ESL has also officially announced that the date of the event is April 19-21, 2019 and there will be 12 teams competing for the highest price. With such a prize pool, it is expected that the attending teams will be the big teams in the game.

ESL One Mumbai 2019 Official Trailer

Mr. Ulrich Schulze, Senior Vice President of Product at ESL, answered to the press that they were more than excited that ESL One would have a much better venue. This is actually a very important factor in the plan to expand and develop esports in India of ESL and their partner NODWIN Gaming because both consider this ESL One Mumbai 2019 as the first big Dota2 championship in this market.

ESL and Dreamhack are looking forward to joining hand and work closely together in the future in the new markets, and this ESL One Mumbai 2019 is just the beginning. Both two organizations share the same development philosophy: investing in regions that have lots of players but don’t have the proportional success in esports yet. India is a real example of this. There are many players in the country, but the esports growth is still quite far behind Europe. Plus, Indians are good at English in general, which all turn India into a perfect destination for game event organizers, especially big cities like Mumbai.

Nsci Dome Exterior
Nsci Dome - venue of ESL One Mumbai 2019

In another interview, we also have received some great news from Mr. Prakash Mallya, Managing Director – Sales & Marketing Group at Intel India. Mr. Prakash Mallya spoke on behalf of Intel India and as a technical partner of ESL globally that Intel was also looking forward to serving the Indian with the highest-level gaming experience, both for regular and pro gamers. This will be started be SL One Mumbai 2019.

These words are surely a true reassurance since the Dreamhack Mumbai 2018 has experienced some problems, which lead to the overall quality of the championship. With the expertness and the qualified partners of ESL, we all can believe in the better experience at the ESL One Mumbai 2019.

Nodwin Gaming and ESL joined hand in this event

The participants of ESL One Mumbai 2019 will be the top Dota2 teams. ESL will send direct invitations to 7 teams. The next four teams, one from each following regions: North America, Europe, Greater China, and South East Asia, will be chosen by online qualifiers.

This ESL One Mumbai 2019 championship will be the first time, the first opportunity of Mumbai to welcome all the players, talents and fans for the whole weekend full of Dota2 from April 19th to 21st, 2019. This will be the first time ever an esports event in this scale takes place in Mumbai - the City of Dreams. Not just a championship, the event will have rooms for not only thrilling live matches on stages but also for interesting fan activities, signing autographs, cosplay competitions and so much more, so get ready gamers.

Nsci Dome
Inside of NCSI Dome

Last but not least, the final team will be a team of India. This is the chance for that team to learn from the best teams in the world. Looking at the most updated situation, Signify Gaming is predicted to be that team since, in recent months, they have overshadowed other teams by their success.

ESL One Mumbai 2019 only has Dota2?

Regardless of the fact that this is a Dota2 tournament, ESL One Mumbai 2019 will also have numerous cosplay side-events, featuring famous cosplayers. Moreover, the organizers will include a friendly meeting between players and their fans where fans and players can get to know each other more, and fans can get autographs from their favorite players. However, this is only available for premium ticket owners only. This ESL One Mumbai 2019 is planned to be an essential milestone, creating the pathway for many other new activities in Mumbai and India.

Cosplayers Dreamhack Mumbai 2018
Cosplayers at Dreamhack Mumbai 2018


You can start booking the tickets for ESL One Mumbai 2019 on from January 17th with the price for four types of ticket as below:
1. ₹ 499 ($7.02).
2. ₹ 999 ($14.05).
3. ₹ 1499 ($21.09).
4. ₹ 2499 ($35.16).

Different Price Tiers In Mumbai

Two higher ticket types are premium ones. Owners of these can go to the Walk-in area for players and better seats.

A sweltering but welcoming city

There is the fact that can't be deny that April in Mumbai is extremely hot, with the temperature can be up to 33-celsius degree. Moreover, as a city by the sea, 90% humidity is a common thing here, which makes it even hotter. This is a challenge for most of the overseas teams and fans.

1460886004 Cover
Beach in Mumbai

Nevertheless, the issue is only when you are outside the venue because air-conditioners have covered all the Dome. Plus, the place is inside the city, so it’s convenient for everyone to travel there, regardless of the starting point. Moreover, outside the venue is the beautiful coasts for you. We all hope for the best tournament in Mumbai, and we will keep you posted.