Gaming has become one of the growing and increasingly popular forms of marketing for brands to reach out to new audiences. The Esports industry is a promising industry that is projected to reach a revenue of $1.86 billion in the year 2025. Thanks to its loyal fan base, esports has become a trending and highly popular industry worldwide.

Until recently, only some brands like Red Bull and Monsters were associated with esports, but now things have changed. Now we are starting brands from all niches to join this trend and it won’t be long before we see a brand like Air Canada joining the party. If you are interested in trying out esports marketing for your brand, here are 4 ways you can promote your brand through esports.

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The competitive realm of video gaming has surged in popularity, captivating millions of passionate fans worldwide.

Create In-Game Ads

One of the unique ways to promote your brand through esports is by investing in in-game ads. It is a unique and powerful way by which you can promote your brand, increase brand awareness, reach your target audience, and separate yourself from the competition.

To create an in-game ad, you should look for a game that resonates best with your target audience. Once you identify the game, it will become easier for you to gain the results that you want. There are multiple examples of brands using in-game ads for marketing in games like FIFA, Madden, MLB, and NBA 2K.

Leverage Dynamic Ads

Another unique way to promote your brand is by leveraging Dynamic ads. Dynamic ads are unique to esports and they can be seen by the viewers only and not the players. These ads allow brands to reach a highly targeted audience. As players play the game, they will see the game as it is, while viewers who will be watching the game on-stream or live will see the advertisements.

Dynamic advertisements have proven to be highly impactful in increasing brand awareness and to implement such an ad, you will need to get in touch with the advertising team of the game. Make sure that you choose the right game according to your target audience.

Sponsor an Esports Team or Event

Sponsoring an esports team is a proven strategy in the esports industry. Not only in the esports industry but in all kinds of sports, sponsoring a team is a popular way to promote your brand. By sponsoring an esports team, you are responsible for some of the team’s expenses in exchange for publicity, usually in the form of the brand logo on teams' uniforms or teams agreeing to consume the products of a specific brand only whenever they are on camera.

Whenever people see the uniform of a team, it will instantly remind them of your brand, which leads to increased brand awareness. If you are a huge brand like the Stirling University and can afford it, you can also sponsor an entire esports event. Sponsoring an esports event is usually in the form of providing financial support or by offering products or services as prizes and it is a great way to promote your brand in front of a huge audience.

Collaborating with Esports Influencers

Partnering up with influencers is another way to promote your brand through esports. Like any other industry, the esports industry also has influencers. You can collaborate with influencers and promote your brand through influencer marketing. Influencer marketing and gaming go hand-in-hand and these influencers have highly engaged audiences, as they talk regularly to their audiences in their streams. So by partnering up with esports influencers, you can increase brand awareness in a highly effective way.