Joseph Deen, an 8-year-old esports player, has been trained to be a professional esports athlete since he was six only by Team 33. Recently, this esports team has signed a contract with the youngest esports player in the world. His contract worths INR 24 lakh.

The Youngest Esports Player In The World

Joseph Deen has become the youngest esports player in the world. At the beginning of this month, a professional esports organization, Team 33, in the USA has signed an exclusive contract with this 8-year-old player that worths 33,000 USD (INR 24 lakh). Besides, the young esports player also received a new PC set which worths 5,000 USD (about INR 3.67 lakh).

Joseph Deen
Deen became the youngest esports player in the world.

This boy is a famous gamer who is widely known as 33 Gosu. Deen said he was very happy to be a part of Team 33 and his dream came true. He also shared that Team 33 gave him a great chance when training him in Fortnite while other teams didn't highly estimate him because of his age.

The boy has been training in Fortnite in Team 33 for 2 years.

The representative of Team 33 also expressed their pleasure when Deen become an exclusive player of their team. They said they were very proud because they successfully had Deen in their team after a long time of finding and recruiting young talents. The young player was trained in this team for 2 years. During that period of time, he worked hard and professionally.

Moreover, Deen also proved his endurance and talent in esports. Tyler Gallagher, the co-founder of Team 33, said the contract is also the result of both Deen and Team 33 after two years of hard work and training. Joseph Deen is too young to qualify for esports tournaments. Therefore, the young gamer will continue to work as a streamer of this team.

Team 33 Twitter
Team 33 is happy to have Deen on their team.

In addition, this esports team is also planning to expand its esports field. They are mainly playing LOL, CS: GO, Fortnite, Dota2, and Valorant. In the future, this team will play and train in more games for esports.