Astralis is back on the winning way after their dominant run in the IEM Beijing 2019. In the CS:GO ranking update of HLTV today, Astralis has officially taken back the throne from the North America side EG.

Astralis Top 01 Csgo 02
Astralis is back, will they craft another long-lasting era this time?

After a great result in the StarSeries i-League Season 8, EG was crowned the #1 in the world thanks to their consistent performance through the series. However, that was short-lived as EG could not show up in the recent IEM Beijing 2019, losing to the red-hot European side FaZe Clan twice.

Astralis Top 01 Csgo 01
The ranking leaderboard update on November 11

Ranking changes

With that, EG had one of the shortest #1 titles in the world. They are now 152 points below Astralis – a long gap to close. Fnatic and Liquid didn’t play many matches recently and remained the same. Vitality displayed their dominant power over Tyloo and FaZe Clan yet fell short against the upcoming 100 Thieves. The French powerhouse remained the same #5 on the leaderboard.

Astralis Top 01 Csgo 03
Team Liquid was inactive last week after the BLAST Pro Copenhagen 2019

100 Thieves had another great event as they went all the way to the grand finals through the likes of ENCE and Vitality. However, before the Danish powerhouse Astralis, the Oceanic squad had to accept a sweeping 0-3 in the Bo5. They are now #6 in the world, above the likes of NiP, AVANGAR, and Natus Vincere.

Astralis Top 01 Csgo 04
A strong debut for the Oceanic side - 100 Thieves in the IEM Beijing 2019

FaZe displayed that their recent victory in the BLAST Pro Copenhagen wasn’t a fluke. They managed to defeat EG 2 times in a row to book a ticket to the semi-finals against Astralis. However, the Danish giant got their sweet revenge after completing the 32-2 challenge against FaZe, even scoring an impressive 16-0 on Dust 2 with a great pistol round from Nicolai 'device' Reedtz.

Astralis Top 01 Csgo 05
FaZe has improved significantly recently, yet not enough to challenge the vintage Astralis in the IEM Beijing 2019

While most teams are inactive recently, we will be looking forward to the CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 next week and ECS Season 8 Finals to see more top teams in action.