Astralis and the League of Legends' iconic brand Origen (owned by RFRSH Entertainment from November 2018) are still under the same roof named "RFRSH Teams". However, that's not a long-term name and will be altered really soon.

Lisbon Winner Astralis
Astralis split from RFRSH Entertainment.

Nikolaj Nyholm - CEO of RFRSH Entertainment - has recently revealed that the organization will turn its focus to the BLAST Pro Series and related properties. They have already drawn a line between the tournaments' organizations and the teams' important parts.

For now, some people still retain their influence on both organizations. Nikolaj Nyholm is also one of them. But it is just a matter of time before they are relieved of their responsibilities for both projects.

In addition, they're negotiating to acquire "the majority shareholding of Astralis and RFRSH Teams currently held by those also involved in BLAST". CS:GO Astralis is expected to become fully independent from the eSports company when StarLadder Major takes place.

Origin - a successful LOL squad.

The teams' managers stated that they are warmly welcoming external investors to be a part of the company. Besides owning one of the top squads in the Counter-Strike professional scene, RFRSH Entertainment is also the owner of a flourishing League of Legends team - Origen, who made it to the runner-up title in the LEC 2019 Spring Playoffs.

In fact, RFRSH Entertainment has come under criticism for sometimes. Many people seem to pay attention to the potential conflict of interest between Astralis and the company. The changes in BLAST Pro Series' business model and strict schedules even have significant impacts on the Counter-Strike professional scene in 2019. Despite all that, Nikolaj Nyholm declared that they were planning for this separation long ago.

The Danish team will soon begin a new journey.

The company actually came up with the idea two years ago. They all agreed that their organization should focus on operating competitions. Managing an eSports team that already has a foundation requires lots of work. They cannot do both at the same time.

Astralis is now an independent and profitable company, which is no longer under the ownership of RFRSH Entertainment.