Once the best

Team Signify is one of the top eSports Organizations in India. Their 2 years run saw them at the highest level of ESports competition, most notably Dota 2 and CS:GO. However, Team Signify has recently announced a conflict of interest over ownership and decided to disband by the end of June.

Former Signify Csgo 01
Team Signify disbanded after an internal conflict of ownership

With the announcement, Team Signify’s players, both in Dota 2 and CS:GO division were released right after. Team Signify has accumulated a large number of fans and support in India. This came as bad news for a majority of Indian CS:GO and Dota 2 community as they would no longer see their favorite team competing and dominating the scene.


Currently, there was no move from the ex-Signify Dota 2 team. However, ex-Signify CS:GO players have decided to stick together through hard times. They decided to continue competing in ESL India Premiership under a new team name: 5orgless. The name determines their current state: they are org-less, or without/ not under an organization.

Former Signify Csgo 02
The 5 men of ex-Signify have decided to stick together after the turbulence

The five men of ex-Signify include Cong “Crazyguy” Anh, Lukas “YB” Groening, Tejas “Ace” Sawant, Agneya “Marzil” Koushik, and Debanjan “Deathmaker” Das. They teamed up under the banner of Signify in December 2018. Most team members were the former players from the Optic Indian roster after the scandalous incident of cheating in LAN.

The roster since then achieved much success in the domestic scene. They recently emerged victorious in ESL India Premiership Summer Season LAN Finale in Mumbai. The $14,697 (₹ 1 million) event was the last tournament they fought under the banner of Signify.

New opportunity

With so much achieved success and upcoming potential, the roster is still looking out for an opportunity to get sponsorship from many Esports organizations. They have stuck together to play in more tournament. For the time being, they have their names on the list on contenders in ESL India Premiership Fall Season Master League #1.

Former Signify Csgo 03
A new adventure starts for the 5 men of ex-Signify

The team managed to keep up good performance while playing 2 first matches in the tournament. 5orgless won both games handily against Entity Gaming and Xtreme 5 with 16-10 and 16-8 respectively. The team is open to offers from Esports organizations. The team member Tejas Sawant made a Tweet on his personal Twitter account to express their intention. The Tweet was re-tweeted by another team member Lukas Groening. Any organizations who have the intention of picking up the lineup can contact them directly.