Back in the game

Recently, two pro-Battle Royale - Fortnite players have successfully get qualified for the Fornite World Cup after reinstating from a ban that they received during the phase of qualification.

Two pro-players Ronald Mach 'Ronaldo' and Damion C 'XXiF' finished with the points of 91 in the region of NA East on the 8th Week of Fornite World Cup Qualifiers. They have scored the 3rd place in the whole region and also got 6,500 dollars reward.

The duo will also go to the tournament for duos this July with the final reward of 30 million dollars. Because the top 3 teams from NA East will get an automatic qualification for the World Cup.

Fortnite World Cup Week 8 Duos Na East Standings P
The duo has scored the 3rd place in the whole region and also got 6,500 dollars reward.

But the interesting here is the duo has actually been banned in the week prior due to their usage of cheating.

The committee gave them a 14-days ban from competition after the 3rd week. Which means they went back to the competition on the 6th Week, then went on to clinch the 3rd place right on the 8th Week.

However, considering the cheating record of these players, it is very likely that Epic Games and other players will pay very close attention to all of their future matches.

Why Ronaldo and XXiF got banned in the first place?

At first, Epic Games suspended the duo was from competition because of a viral clip showing the clear cooperation of XXiF with other players during the solos qualifier of the 3rd Week.

Saf Ronaldo Secret Skirmish Duos Winners
Thus, Epic Games issued the official ruling on the 1st of May.

So they forced XXiF to give up on his qualification spot (the one for the solo tournament during the 3rd week). Then Ronaldo and XXiF dropped out from Rise Nation's Fornite due to that competitive ruling.

The reaction of the community about their requalification

In fact, many members in the community of Fortnite were surprised with the only 14-days ban for the duo from Epic Games. It was mainly because cheating is a very serious issue in Fortnite.





And now, after the requalification of the duo on the 8th Week, many have come to Twitter to express their opinions.

There was also that prediction from SypherPK about this very scenario way back at the first moment of the ban.