The esports scene around the world has been going through a tough time with all the sexual allegations scandals and most recently, the death of the famous WoW streamer Reckful. And yet, this CS:GO player called 'Meho' actually thought that it was a good idea to fake his own death to get unbanned.

In June, CS:GO player Meho and his friend decided to do a prank by faking his own death. The prank starts with a Twitter post on Meho's account, saying that he has died from a  car accident.

39791 Players Talking About The Incident

This information was then acknowledged by Zyrus, a staff who works at ESEA League. He then made a tweet sharing that his last conversation with Meho was 4 hours before the incident happens and that he was really sorry about it.

However, while the CS:GO community is feeling sorry for his unfortunate accident, the guy was actually still kicking the ESEA League as usual. This was found out by Ryan from Rush B media on June 17 and he tweeted it.

70959 Ryan Tweeting About The Incident

After Meho was called out by the community, he immediately stopped playing on ESEA League. His last match was on June 18.

Zyrus, after knowing about the news, had to quickly correct on his Twitter that it was only  “A fake and made-up story,” and he glad that no one actually got hurt. Meho also admitted on his Twitter that he did that to get unbanned on ESEA and said that it was just a meme.

27525 Meho Esea Ban History
Meho has been banned on the platform multiple times

This player had multiple records on ESEA for misconduct and toxic behaviors. His latest ban was a 30-day ban on June 14 for threatening. He has been banned from the platform 4 times in 2020 alone.

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