As you know, nobody is perfect. At some point in our lives, we may make one or even some mistakes. And there is also no exception for players in CS:GO.

Hold Your Crosshairs Too Low

Usually, inexperienced & low-rank players will make this mistake. Professional players at the rank higher than Silver rarely keep crosshairs closer to the feet of opponents than their heads. Meanwhile, novices always tend to hold their crosshairs unreasonably low.

There are some reasons for explaining this mistake:

When holding any gun in real life, people tend to direct their gunpoint to ground. That is the safest way to make sure weapons don't misfire. Secondly, people naturally do not hold heads straight up. Therefore, they feel better with keeping the crosshairs low when they play shooting game.

Hold Your Crosshairs Too Low Mistakes In Csgo
You should avoid holding your crosshairs too low while playing CS:GO.

This mistake might slow down your reaction time. It negatively affects your aim against better players. Professional players are good at this game thanks to this little trick of keeping the crosshairs in the level of opponent's head. It increases the rate of headshots and helps with your aim.

Provide Your Teammates With Wrong Information & Over Rotate

Not only beginners but also experienced players might make this mistake. Nonetheless, it is far more common for players in lower ranks.

For example, your teammate informs you that all Ts are approaching straight to a specific bomb site. However, it turns out that your opponent is just trying to do a fake. Your team rush there and the Terrorists take control of the other bomb site, you lose the round easily.

Csgo Mistakes 02
All players in one site is a risky play

This mistake happens most frequently in online games with strangers. Consequently, your team loses the round for such a simple mistake just because some guy gets panic and cries for help.

So what should you do to improve this mistake? Just be brave and hold your ground. Only call for help if you are 100% sure. Otherwise, let your teammates do their job.

Leave Your Gun Exposed

Hiding safe in a comfortable spot, you are pretty confident to get some frags. Poof, you died. And guess what? Your best friend was your worst enemy. The poking AWP you were holding gave away your position. Irritated, you accused the opponent of cheating, cursing them. However, when you went through the replay, that was one of the worst mistakes in your CS:GO career.

Pretty common story huh? That is often the case with the CTs holding sites.

Csgo Mistakes 01
The Poking AWP is your worst enemy when hiding in corners or smokes

Worry not, we are not alone. This is not rare even in the pro scenes. Sometimes, pro players can make the same mistake as ours. Hiding in the corner with the gun poking out, some pros have to pay the price.

So, what is the plan? A word for the wise: point your weapon to the wall, wait for the right moment when your teammate throws flash and then peek out. That is how we play CS:GO.

Rush In The Fight With The Bomb

It is no problem when you rush straightly into the bomb site and lead your teammates as an entry fragger unless you are holding the bomb.

Defending against the Terrorist attack is the most critical tasks of the CTs. Their main job is to make sure the C4 never makes it to the bomb site. Therefore, once they kill the bomb carrier, the task is more simple than ever. Just safeguard the bomb until time runs out. That is the grave mistake for the Terrorists.

Csgo Mistakes 03
Once the bomb drops, it is really hard for the Terrorists to retrieve

So, how to play correctly as a bomb carrier? If you are holding the bomb but still want to rush to the battle, drop it in a safe position or give it to teammates.

In official games, some professional teams prefer to leave their bombs in spawn until they make a decision where they will go.

Do Wrong Calculation

Unlike most FPS games, CS:GO requires players sufficient knowledge about economic calculation.

To have the best weapons for your game, you should do the right calculation and decide which to buy.

Economy System In Csgo
CS:GO economy system helps you have a better calculation for the investment on weapons.

Many beginners do not save money at all, they keep force-buying. This is a serious mistake as you will rarely have the chance to play many rounds with best rifles and armor. Therefore, you will have a lower chance of winning the game. Even some players don't know the economy well and save in the wrong round.

Those are some of the most common mistakes in CS:GO. Learn to fix it and you will significantly improve your gameplay.