Fortnite World Cup has just finished, but that was certainly not the end for one of the most famous battle royale on earth. Epic Games has revealed right on the stage of the 30 million dollars tournament that there would be a Fortnite Championship Series, and this tournament would begin with Season 10 of the game.

Fortnite World Cup is not the end for this battle royale game, of course

This huge announcement from Epic Games was given out to the fans the middle of a break in the Fortnite World Cup tournament. The Fortnite Championship Series would be available in the Season 10 of the game, and this tournament would also feature the prize pool of million dollars for pro players to earn, just like the Fortnite World Cup.

Up to this very moment, we have not had all the information and details of the Fortnite Championship Series, but this announcement has already made the Fortnite pro player community excited. There will be a continuous tournament for Fortnite, not just some random short tournaments anymore. This means the pro players of this game have a place to compete, and the fans of the game have a lot of actions to watch daily.

One of the most attractive features of the Fortnite World Cup is that every player of this game in the world has the same chance of bringing home $3 million dollars, as long as you have the skills required. And the Fortnite Championship Series will keep this tradition of the Fortnite World Cup, seemingly.