Dreamhack Master Malmo 2019 has just concluded with a massive comeback for the Swedish CS:GO as fnatic lifted the trophy over Vitality. Just days later we are already up for another big CS:GO tournament. ESL Pro League Season 10 is on air now with many great teams to watch.

ESL Pro League Season 10 Europe

Esl Pro League 10 02
Most top teams will gather here in the European group stage

The region is one of the harshest places to fight for a spot in the Finals. With so many great teams on the list, mostly from the top 30, claiming a top finishing is an uphill task. This includes the current #1 in the world Astralis and the recent Dreamhack Master Malmo 2019 champion fnatic. Obviously, half of these teams have to go home, but who will prevail and play in the Finals in Odense?

Group A kicked off the event with 2 matches: mousesports vs. BIG, and FaZe vs. OpTic. The result went the way of the overdogs, mousesports dropped Dust2 and won Train and Inferno against BIG. Meanwhile, FaZe claimed their first victory since the addition of Marcelo 'coldzera' David in ESL One New York 2019. It was a sweet 2-0 revenge for Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač and co. against Mathias 'MSL' Lauridsen’s troops OpTic.

Esl Pro League 10 04
With a sweet opening victory for FaZe, will NiKo lead his team to victory this time?

Also, the group stage in Europe fields a prize pool of $62,000. The ESL Pro League Season 10 Europe will pan out from October 10 to November 18.

ESL Pro League Season 10 Americas

Esl Pro League 10 03
The American group stage is less competitive with fewer top teams

The group stage in the ESL Pro League Season 10 Americas was much more predictable. With fewer established names scattered across many groups, the America group stage would see much less competition.

MIBR started the American group stage with a 2-0 victory against Envy. More matches will come after this. The group stage in Europe also features a prize pool of $60,000. The ESL Pro League Season 10 Americas will pan out at the same time as the European group stage.

Esl Pro League 10 05
MIBR will lok to come back to the top scene after various roster changes

Also, the Oceania and Asia group stages will catch up later with $14,000 in prize pool for each tournament.