There is a sense of pride among Esports players after NODWIN Gaming partnered with MTV India for broadcasting an exclusive Esport news. The weekly Indian television show will be aired on Thursday at 10 pm. A teaser was released by NODWIN Gaming titled Esports Mania. NODWIN Gaming has its own commentator Mannu ‘Krat’ Karki and is a known face in the Indian gaming circuit. This move will not only promote Esports in India but it will increase its reach to the maximum household through national television.

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Esports Mania was aired first on 12 December and as per their concept 'Match Of The Week' telecasted Counter-Strike: Global Offensive between Indian teams Orgless5 and Global Esports. Sources revealed that the television show will promote Esports in India and will telecast ongoing tournaments. It will also have news pertaining to the Indian gaming community and will appeal to youths. Moreover, this will encourage parents to foresee gaming as a profession for their kids.

An Esports player from a renowned Esports team said, "It is a brilliant move to promote esports in India. It is time that computer or mobile games is being recognized in India. This will not only motivate esports players but will also give them recognition in the country. I believe we are moving in the right way to promote the Indian gaming community. It will also generate more interest among the audience and the young generation."

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Indian streamers are happy with such a move too. A PUBG Mobile streamer, said, "Gaming content in India is being viewed extensively. YouTube is coming out with several measures to promote and increase its reach among the gamers and the audience. As per their records, the game streamer is steadily growing on YouTube. Advertisements from various tech companies are seen in gaming videos. Overall the community is growing and it is great news that gaming news will be telecasted on national television."

Another Esports player revealed, "I think that this would enable the growth of new talent in the country. Esports is still considered as a taboo in India. But when such sport gets recognized on national platforms then it definitely has a potential future. Playing CS:GO develops skill sets. It is a skill game and if the game gets more exposure by media houses then it is a win-win situation for the community."

A renowned streamer from Delhi, said, "I just hope that MTV India focuses not only on PUBG Mobile but also different aspects of games being played by Esports players. They have to maintain a balance in order to provide quality content to their viewers. It will be a great experience to watch tournaments and highlights of such games. Being a streamer, I believe content should be the king in such television shows."