For those who have contributed largely to the prize pool of The International 2018, reaching the level 2000 for their Battle Pass, Valve has good news delivered.

As recognition of contribution and patience when waiting for the late delivery of Baby Roshan statues, Valve now gives out exclusive Collector’s Baby Roshan to the rightful Battle Pass owners. Baby Roshan couriers will be stylized basing on each year’s theme: water theme for The International 2017, and subterranean them for The International 2018.

Exclusive Courrier 02
The memorial of The International where Liquid was crowned the champion.

The courier rewards include 2 couriers for each The International event. They are exclusive and not tradeable, confined only to the account owner.

Exclusive Courrier 04
There are various Roshan couriers in the game, with each's value varying from dozens to thousands of dollar

Since 2017, a physical copy of Baby Roshan has been included in the reward list of Battle Pass. It is achievable at level 2000 meanwhile a hard copy of Aegis of Immortal will be available at level 1000. Both are exclusive to Battle Pass owners only and are not sold in the market. The same goes for The International 2018 with the Subterranean themed ones.

However, there were lots of disappointment in the first statues delivered as fans claimed they were of extremely low quality as compared to what Valve promised. Valve had to withdraw those initial statues and promised a better version to come later.

Exclusive Courrier 01
Initial Baby Roshan (left) and improved Baby Roshan (right)

Earlier this year, most eligible Battle Pass owners finally received the much-improved version of Baby Roshan statues. That was around one year late to receive such a reward you have to pay thousands of buck to get. However, not all players received the statue.

Regardless, many people stated that they are content with this better version of Baby Roshan figure. Nevertheless, with what happened for the first physical level 2000 Battle Pass 2017 reward, some fans will have to wait for a rather long time to receive the Baby Roshan statue of The Internation 2017 and 2018.

Exclusive Courrier 03
Good compensation for the long time waiting for fans had to spend

With the courier rewards, Valve hopes to compensate for those who contributed the most to the prize pool of The International. They have been waiting for a long time, and will most likely wait for several more months to get what they deserve.