Herschel ‘Guy’ Beahm IV, commonly known as Dr. Disrespect, is an American Twitch streamer and internet personality. He has over 3.3 million fans on Twitch and well-known for playing various battle royale video games such as Apex Legends, Fortnite Battle Royale, PUBG and so on.

Dr. Disrespect is famous on Twitch, a streaming game platform

Dr. Disrespect has been deliberating about his beloved Halo professional players, going back to the old days as it was common to have ‘trash talk’ towards rivals sitting not far away on a stage of esports, a multiplayer video game played competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers. ‘Trash talk’ means insulting speech with the purpose of demoralizing and humiliating to a person, especially to an opponent in an athletic contest.

However, until now, bigger stages, booths and soundproof headphones are used for modern esports. It isolates the players in some ways. They don’t interact with each other much during and after the game.

Dr. Disrespect represented his idea: “The modern day era of esports is going in the wrong direction.” He opposed to the idea that players are wearing soundproof, multi-layered headsets or put in soundproof booths. Moreover, the coaches are not allowed to be on stage with players.

Players are wearing soundproof equipment on a large stage, which separates them in a quite far distance

From Dr. Disrespect’s perspective, he wants players to communicate and interact with one another in the opposing teams.

When finish battling, while setting up a broadcast for the coming map, the player’s microphones should be turned on, letting them to “communicate to each other, for like, a minute.”

He is also looking forward to hearing more ‘trash talk’ in esports. According to Dr. Disrespect, players would have a lot of things to say, no matter they lose or win.

His opinion seems to have some interesting and considerable points, possibly influencing the decisions and direction of some esports which are taking. However, every suggestion of him should be considered seriously as allowing ‘trash talk’ could deepen the battle into massive chaos.