Yesterday, Fnatic has made an official announcement that they will have changes in their PUBG Mobile roster after June 14, when the PMPL South Asia ends. This decision was made due to the poor result in tournaments over the last few months in addition to the disputes between members of the team.

Fnatic has released their official statement about a roster change after the PMPL South Asia, which means ScoutOP and Owais is going to leave for real

We have seen a lot of dramas going on in team Fnatic in the last few months, which all involved their star player ScoutOP. He insulted team UMumba which caused Fnatic to make an official apology. He broke down on stream during a PMPL Scrims match because none of his teammates showed up or answer the phone. Most recently, he had a fight with his teammate, Owais, which was the last straw for him.

And now, both ScoutOP and Owais is going to leave Fnatic after the PMPL South Asia for a new roster. It seems that Owais is going to join a new team called RPT with Franky, Paritosh after the PMPL South Asia.

With this decision being made, it is not likely that Fnatic will be able to make it to the PUBG Mobile World League. But on the slim chance that they actually do, they might stick together for a little bit longer.

As for the PUBG Mobile India Series, ScoutOP said that he will still play for Fnatic but Pwais won't.

Fnatic confirmed that even though their roster won't be the same anymore, they will still stitch with the PUBG Mobile scene in India.

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