Ever since the ban of PUBG Mobile, many organization has started to invest in Free Fire with their own team. Galaxy Racer Esports is also getting their Free Fire roster and it is looking very promising with ex-Total Gaming's fraggers VasiyoCRJ7 and Golden. Not only that, but they also have BarcaBoi, the ex-player of XTZ Esports.

Galaxy Racer Esports Free Fire
Galaxy Racer Esports's new Free Fire roster includes the 2 best Ex-Total Gaming players

Here is the complete roster of Galaxy Racer Esports:

  • GXR VasiyoCRJ7 - IGL
  • GXR Golden - Rusher
  • GXR BarcaBoi - Assaulter
  • GXR Aman - Sniper
  • GXR Maryx - Sniper

VasiyoCRJ7 is one of the best Free Fire players in India in 2020. The guy is pretty much the MVP of every tournament he is in for his super-smart plays against other players. VasiyoCRJ7 got 2 awards from the Free Fire India Esports Awards - Fragger of the Year and Best Play of the Year.

Vasiyocrj7 763c
VasiyoCRJ7  gets the Fragger of the Year and Best Play of the Year awards

He and Golden helped Total Gaming win multiple big Free Fire tournament in India in 2020. After Total Gaming went 8th place in the Free Fire Continental Series Asia, Golden and VasiyoCRJ7 left the team with the vision to form a team of their own to win the Free Fire World Championship. VasiyoCRJ7 feels that the team didn't have a very good synergy.

It seems that he has found that goal here in Galaxy Racer Esports and hopefully that he will be able to achieve what he was looking for.

Free Fire esports in India is going to be huge in 2021 as Garena has planned 4 big tournaments with a total prize pool of more than Rs 2 crore. The tournament will be the Free Fire Indian Championship Spring and Galaxy Racer Esports will be a new force that other teams need to watch out for.

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