Yuvin Community Cup Season 2 is sponsored by Cooler Master and powered by Creative Peripherals. Its mission is to create opportunities for knowledge-sharing between rising esports communities locating in South Asia and SEA regions. YCC 2020 will take place from 26th June to 7th July, covering three main competitive titles: DOTA 2, CS:GO, and PUBG Mobile

YCC Season 2 - About The Tournament

After the success of Yuvin Community Cup Season 1 that rallied over 6 lakh views over various social platforms, YCC Season 2 has returned with a higher aim. The organizers are as ambitious as ever, increasing both the scale and prize pool. It’s a promising stepping point for young aspiring gamers and eSports organizations.

Yuvin Community Cup ss2
Get ready for the return of YCC Season 2

YCC Season 2 is sponsored by Cooler Master, the credible thermal solution provider that has been supporting the Indian eSports community for years. Creative Peripherals also looks to make its first entrance to the country’s gaming scene with YCC Season 2. The distribution specialist has partnered with numerous renowned brands in IT, Lifestyle, Imaging, and Security Products.

Yuvin Community Cup SS2 s1 results
YCC Season 1 was just mainly about PUBG Mobile

YCC Season 2 - DOTA 2

The DOTA 2 tournament combines both qualifying and invitational formats. It’s open to teams from 7 following South Asian nations: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Maldives, Nepal, and India. Currently, 29 teams have already registered.  4 teams out of this bracket will advance to the next stage of the tournament where they will compete against 6 invited teams. The finals will be held from 26th June to 29th June 2020. The DOTA 2 prize pool is 70,000 Rs. The winner takes 45,000 Rs, and the runner up brings home 25,000 Rs. 

Yuvin Community Cup SS2 dota 2
Confirmed: myRevenge will join the YCC DOTA 2 tournament

YCC Season 2 - CS:GO

CS:GO is another competitive title that will take place in YCC Season 2. The tournament consists of 12 invited teams from organizations across South Asia and the SEA regions. It takes place from 30th June to 3rd July 2020. The 80,000 Rs prize pool will be distributed to the winner (50,000 Rs), and the runner up (30,000 Rs). 

Yuvin Community Cup SS2 csgo
CS:GO is one of the three titles held for competition in YCC Season 2


YCC Season 2 - PUBG Mobile 

Of course, no tournament would be complete without the famous PUBG Mobile. The format will be similar to CS:GO, where 24 invited teams compete against each other for the 150,000 Rs prize pool. 

Yuvin Community Cup SS2 pubgm
The YCC Season 2 PUBG Mobile tournament is definitely bigger than the previous one