A fast-growing Esports

CSGO is growing fast in the world of Esports. Watching pro players performing on big stages, we can’t help dreaming about ourselves one day doing the same. However, success requires hard work, you need to get your CSGO rank up first.

As you already know, most young pros started out low as regular CSGO players. They have ground hard to improve their CSGO ranking. Your favorite s1mple, NiKo, ropz were all pub stars in their early career. Then many teams started to realize their potential and decided to try them.

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NiKo started out as a regular CSGO ranks player

Well, the rest is history. s1mple went on to become the best CSGO player in 2018, playing a key role in Natus Vincere roster. Do you know that s1mple was once called cheater in CSGO rank, getting overwatch reported by apEX-?

FaZe Clan now centers around NiKo. The young rifler started out low in the domestic scene with iNation. He would later grind hard in FPL, leveling up his rank in CSGO to get noticed by mousesports. After staring mousesports for quite a long time without any apparent success, NiKo came to FaZe Clan with greater success.

ropz did the same, he played hard to become FPL star and then got recruited by mousesports.

The secret?

All CS:GO player needs to prove themselves well before getting signed by established organizations. To do that, they need to know how to rank up in CSGO, how to impress people with their skills.

They need to do it from scratch, have their CSGO rank stats calibrated. Most pros often get a quite high calibration after 10 first ranked game. The CSGO ranking system often rewards players well for their skills. This is the first step to get you further in this game.

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You have to grind hard to become a recognized CSGO player

The next move pros would do was to grind hard in ranked. Pros know how to rank up fast in CSGO. The key is winning, the plus point is against good opponents. CSGO ranking system gives good points to those who crush clever players, not some clueless lower ranked ones.

Once pro players have reached Global Elite (GE), congratulation, they have reached the highest skill level in CS:GO. They will now attend online tournaments with strangers or form teams to compete in online or offline events. With success comes recognition. Young players will have the chance to get offers from established Esports organization to join their main teams or academy teams.

How do we do it?

We should follow the same path of our favorite pros, to start from scratch. No one starts on the top right away, everyone has to climb the ladder starting with CSGO ranks.

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s1mple also streams and plays a lot of FPL

Ranks in CSGO really matter much. they determine your skill bracket to match you against the same skill level players. If your first 10 calibration games do not go well, don’t worry, you may get an unlucky day or two. You may have to accept that sometimes cs go ranking may not be perfect.

Only time will tell, that is what people say. We should keep on grinding till we get better CSGO ranking.

All you need to know about CSGO ranks

How CSGO rank is categorized

CSGO rank is divided into 18 ranks. They are categorized into 3 brackets. Here we prove you with CSGO ranks list:

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CSGO ranking

6 first Silver CSGO ranks are for beginners. They are often newcomers, trying to hit shots and familiarize with the map pool. The CSGO ranking system makes 6 levels in beginner level to allow time for newbies to improve themselves first.

All You Need To Know 02
The average CSGO ranks

The next 7 CSGO ranks, Nova and Master ranks, put you in a bracket where players have nice skills with good shooting accuracy and decent utility manipulation. They understand basic strategies and the power of teamplay.

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The advanced CSGO ranks

The highest five CSGO ranks are awarded for players of advanced skills. They have a good grasp of what CSGO is. Therefore, the skill level is rather high for players of this CSGO rank.

How to rank up fast in CSGO?

Though CSGO rankings are not always true, there may be a good indicator of skill. Not 100% players in CSGO all ranks have their CSGO ranking well rated. However, a Legendary Eagle (LE) player often does better than a Silver Elite (SE) player. So, how do we improve ourselves in the CSGO rankings?

CSGO rank check
A match with various CSGO ranks will prove to be a CSGO rank check for higher level players

Well, CS:GO devs protects their CSGO ranking system really well. They haven’t disclosed the way how their CSGO ranking systems work. That was to prevent cheaters and hackers from manipulating the system to get undeserved CSGO rank.

Yet, there are certain aspects that we can be pretty sure.

Winning and losing

In CSGO, win or lose is what matter the most. Shooting, using utilities, assisting teammates or sacrificing yourself for information all help you to win the match. So, winning will very likely improve your CSGO ranking.

All You Need To Know 06
Sometimes, losing may trigger your inner rage or frustration

On the contrary, losing will mostly guarantee a CS GO ranking downgrade. All your shoots and kills are pointless if they can’t be converted into a victory.

Impact, skills, KDA

Yes, winning or losing matters but it is not entirely how CSGO ranking system evaluates your CSGO ranks. Sometimes, your teammates are just burden and you can’t carry them all. Sometimes, you get a free ride off your teammates’ back while they do the hardest part of the game. That is when other factors into the game set in.

All You Need To Know 07
Good KDA ratio means you are beneficial to your team


The most apparent parameter of your skills is KDA ratio. When you manage to kill more people than your death, that is beneficial for your team. Your flash assist counts when it comes to your impact in the game. Assisting teammates proves that you are a good and skilled player.


The shooting accuracy also plays a role in calibrating your skills. In a bad day when you miss most of your shots, CSGO ranking system can’t give you a good mark on your performance. On the contrary, in a “good hair day” when you can stylize your hair like that of Twistzz and manage to land headshots in just a couple of taps, your CSGO ranking will improve significantly.

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Congrats, you have been visited by the shampoo hair god, Twistzz. Now you will land instant headshots the whole day. Go play ranked match and do your own headshots highlight Youtube video

Level of opponent and teammates

Likewise, if you play against worse opponents and better teammates, it is very likely you may get a stomp and easy victory. CSGO ranking system won’t evaluate it high. On the contrary, if your teammates are not as skilled as opponents, it is likely you may have a harder time winning the match. Therefore, losing such matches would be less severe and winning would earn you more rank.

CSGO rank distribution

If you are still stuck at Master or Nova rank, worry not. You are among the average players in the world. It means your CSGO rank is around the good level and all you need is just time. You are not alone. Here we provide you with the CSGO rank distribution

CSGO rank elo
It will be very likely that you are among the average players in the world with Nova or Master ranks. The CSGO rank is also called CSGO rank elo

As you can see, the percentage of Global Elite CS GO (GE) is just 0.75%. There is still time for us to reach that level. So get into the game and start grinding your way to the top level of CSGO.