Being aware of the increasing popularity of PUBG Mobile in India, lots of gamers from the West are gradually coming to the country. Fnatic has entered the country in 2019, with a number of follow-up teams like TSM and other international esports organizations. 

Fnatic Pubg Mobile
Fnatic's PUBG Mobile roster in India

Among those organizations, an American organization namely Oxygen Esports has also made its way to the country through the recruitment of a rising star in India - Harpreet Singh “Ronak” Janjuha from Fnatic.

Fnatic Ronak
After all, Harpreet Singh “Ronak” Janjuha is just a former player of Fnatic now.

Ronak - The former star of Team Soul and Fnatic

2019 witnessed Ronak’s series of victories recorded in the Indian PUBG Mobile esports scene. As an excellent team player, he devoted his talent and aspiration to both Team Soul and Fnatic by winning two championships, including PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) and PUBG Mobile India Series with the former team, in addition to PUBG Mobile All-Stars (PMAS) with the later one. 

Unfortunately, 2020 has not given him a chance to maintain his achievement streak, and Ronak has got nothing memorable. This might lead to his decision to leave Fnatic in August to concentrate on his career of being a content creator. However, when he notices the return of PUBG Mobile in India, the call of the game has brought him back to the esports scene. 

Pubg Mobile Ronak Fnatic
Ronak already announced his departure via an Instagram Stories post.

With three official championships, Ronak is now the only player having this admirable achievement, together with Fnatic Owais. He is always believed to have the ability to contribute more, and his return to the PUBG Mobile community via the contract with Oxygen Esports looks really promising. 

Everything about Oxygen Esports 

As part of the strategic combination between Helix Esports, Team Genji, and a number of selected teams purchased from Reciprocity Gaming, OxyGen Esports (OXG) has been the most famous name in the USA with several prizes and awards collected. 

Ronak Oxygen
OxyGen Esports (OXG) has been the most famous name in the USA with several prizes and awards collected.

This merger was made in Boston in 2020, then the team has been using a data-driven strategy to reach young talents and engage their fans. They are establishing a transparent, amateur-to-pro source of talents while still nurturing local gaming communities via its wholly-owned chain of Helix Esports centers.

With extremely clear plans for sustainable development, OXG is not only aiming at the biggest championships in the area of professional gaming but also building a long-lasting esports ecosystem for gamers at every level. 

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