Malta has proven to the world that it’s a force to be reckoned when it comes to iGaming. Not only is it a dream destination for gamers, but it has also received a lot of interest from major industry corporations trying to get in on the action.

The Maltese government has truly supported the sector, and the numbers have made a strong case for a while now. Will the small island nation grow its online gambling exponentially, or has it reached its peak?

In addition to being a desirable location for major iGaming corporations, Malta is also home to many MGA licenced companies that are registered there. These casino sites are able to operate legally due to Malta's supportive government policies towards the iGaming industry. Many of these online casinos can be found on websites such as, which serve as an comparison platform for various online gambling establishments.

Getting All Numerical

If you’re thinking of investing in the iGaming sector in Malta, then it would do you well to know how big of a financial obligation you’ll be bound to. The GDP contribution provided by iGaming has made the Maltese authorities take a seemingly friendly stance towards companies looking to cash in.

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Gaming tax in the country is low for non-Maltese investors who bank in Malta, with a rate as reasonable as 5 percent. Online gaming in the EU region is expected to be worth over USD 102.97 billion by 2025 by the year 2024, and small as Malta may be the island needs to compete with countries like the USA where iGaming saw a growth of well over 200 percent.

The Market Of the Future

Everything is going online now, it’s just a reality that humanity is learning to get used to. Digital tools are constantly being improved to provide a better user experience, and we should see even more excitement surrounding this phenomenon moving forward, especially when it comes to the iGaming demographic.

Truth is, this sport has its people. And technology can be utilized to identify those people and their desires in order to help them reach a level of fulfillment.

Traditional gaming at the tables is set to be met with some uncertainty among many gamblers, considering the global emphasis on social distancing and current regulations. IGaming saves time and energy, and gamers get to enjoy their favorite games on home ground where they’re most comfortable.

Advances in Virtual Reality technology, machine learning, and the Internet of Things should be the saving grace of online gaming in Malta, if it will ever need one. The wonders of technology are sure to bring new life to what was already a buzzing scene.

A Good Record

Malta’s regulations on gambling are world-class, recognized globally as one of the best there has ever been. Even among European nations, it is known for being a pioneer in the industry, having regulated online gambling before most EU states.

This means that you can’t just start an iGaming company in Malta without having a clear plan. The authorities need to know that you’ll meet all the standards, requirements, and expectations in the long run. The Malta Gaming Authority plays the important role of a regulatory body and is responsible for issuing licenses.

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This way of doing things by the book, with well-thought-out business decisions being encouraged is one of the reasons the industry is likely to last in Malta. Knowing that the law is followed to the letter fosters loyalty and confidence in the business.

Nobody wants to be associated with companies that don’t have the right accreditation. Consistency has been the name of the game for Maltese gaming, and that isn’t expected to change anytime soon.

Easy On The Payroll

Since the minimum wage in Malta is quite light on the pocket, your prospects of getting a higher profit margin as an investor are looking really good. The best part is that the quality of your personnel is never compromised; you get competent and highly capable staff without straining your finances too much.

A Great Place In General

Malta might be a small country, but there’s still a lot it has to offer. The life expectancy in Malta is over 80. The climate is just right, the cost of living is very reasonable, and it’s a generally business-friendly nation; no matter what you plan on investing in.

The island is brimming with potential, and general economic development is supposed to rub off on the iGaming industry. If you want to start a business in an environment that is welcoming and not harsh with taxes, then you’ll be glad to know that Malta ticks all the right boxes.

The Geographical Advantage

Despite being an island, Malta is on the same level as other great countries in the EU. We know how fluid the trade is between these countries; even the customs and immigration systems are more relaxed and connected.

As these nations foster the interconnectedness between them, business starts to boom because you see money and skilled labor flowing in from different regions of Europe. The wide range of choices that come about from this communal arrangement makes Malta an ideal business location.

Being part of the EU puts Malta at the same level as all the European superpowers. It’s almost as though these nations are some conglomerate that looks out for each other in matters of trade. Registering your company in Malta is a business decision that makes sense; you want to extend your roots beyond your own borders to tap into other markets.

People love to gamble on holiday, and what better place to gamble than on a tropical island? Who doesn’t want to be caressed by the ocean breeze and kissed by the sun while taking part in one of the iGaming events hosted in Malta? So yes, Malta is still going to be the iGaming hotspot it has always been and there’s no better time to get in on the action than right now.