After the Berlin Major 2019, we have seen some of the most expensive CS:GO player price tags in the world. Though not many organizations want to go public with the money matter, we have some of the most unthinkable numbers here.

Csgo Price Tag 02 0a57_wm
Berlin Major 2019 was a massive success for Astralis, but not everyone is contented with the results

The French CS:GO shuffle

With the disappointing results at Berlin Major 2019 when losing to AVANGAR in the quarter-finals, Vitality has decided to acquire the service of the French veteran Richard 'shox' Papillon at the price of $450,000 (₹3.2 Crore).

Csgo Price Tag 03 5d5b_wm
Vitality has acquired the enormous knowledge and firepower with the addition of shox from G2

G2 – another French top-tier CS:GO squad also scooped 2 star players from CR4ZY. Though the details have yet to go public, with what the CEO of CR4ZY revealed, the number can’t be less than a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

Csgo Price Tag 04 390e_wm
The 2 stars from CR4ZY also carried a price tag of "a couple of hundred thousand dollars"

FaZe Clan with their one million investment

FaZe Clan has recently acquired the Brazillian star Marcelo 'coldzera' David from the bench of MIBR. The two-time Major MVP was on the bench for months before coming to the European squad. Though 2 organizations have yet to announce the detail of the transfer, a star-tier player like coldzera is said to boast a price tag of no less than $1 million (₹7.1 Crore).

Csgo Price Tag 06 713c_wm
coldzera joined FaZe Clan for no less than $1 million

Initially, FaZe Clan is rumored to have an eye for the Finnish IGL Aleksi ‘Aleksib’ Virolainen. However, after the signing of coldzera, FaZe seemed to have run out of money to continue with the star IGL. Aleksib was rumored to have been approached by Complexity’s CEO with a contract worth $1 million. However, we won’t have the chance to see CoL.Aleksib as he turned it down. At the time, rumor had it that Aleksib was a part of the CS:GO project by OG together with the French veteran Nathan 'NBK-' Schmitt.

Csgo Price Tag 07 8c1f_wm
The Finnish IGL was offered a contract of $1 million but he declined

Whole roster acquisition

The recent EG roster has also been acquired from NRG. They also boast an impressive price tag of $3 million (₹21.21 Crore). EG has recently become the #1 team in the world. Is this the right investment from the longest-running North American esports organization?

Csgo Price Tag 08 2b01_wm
EG made a comeback into the CS:GO scene by buying out the whole NRG roster for $3 million

Recently, 100T has announced their comeback to the CS:GO scene with the signing of the whole Renegades roster. At the moment, Renegades is ranked at #7 in the world, higher above other established names like mousesports, Natus Vincere, G2, and NiP.

Csgo Price Tag 09 E2b8_wm
100T made a comeback into the CS:GO scene, acquiring the whole Renegades roster for $2.2 million

Though both sides haven’t revealed the exact number, a trusted source - neL@neLendirekt has taken to Twitter to disclose the number. The whole transfer was priced at $2.2 million (₹15.55 Crore). Being the second highest transfer in the world of CS:GO, only behind EG.

Csgo Price Tag 01 E1ef_wm
A trusted source has revealed the number

That results in an average of $440 million (₹3.11 Crore) for each player, excluding the coach. This means that each player in the roster has almost the same price tag as the French veteran Richard 'shox' Papillon. It is hard to imagine that playing an esports well can give you such a price tag of several hundred thousand dollars. Generally, the ex-Renegades or the current 100T is solid as a top 10 teams and deserves such a price tag. They will play in the IEM Beijing this November 7-10 against some of the best CS:GO teams in the world.

Esports is blooming stronger than ever and coming closer to the level of professional sports. Will we get to see esports grow even more into an established concept in the society?