During the recent Skyesports Grandslam PUBG Mobile Invitational, team SouL had a great run in a long time. SouL fans were extremely happy to see their team performing well, but some other people didn't feel the same.

Neyoo was playing with IND Trance but he didn't aware that Trance was streaming at the time. So Neyoo mockery said that how could SouL be on the top and be rude with team SouL. Of course, the live audience there heard every single word of him and starting spamming angry comments on his YouTube channel and live streams.

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Soul Fd46
Team SouL went second in the Skyesports Gandslam tournament

When Ghatak was live streaming, fans also spam his channel as well, demanding for an apology. But instead of giving an apology for his teammate's behavior, Ghatak got angry with everyone in the chat saying that Neyoo doesn't like team SouL and neither does he. He then even continued to threaten to beat up people in the chat in real life along with many other abusive lines and words.

"Neyo doesn't like soul and its his opinion, everyone has their own opinion. I also don't like Soul and like only Mortal. Anyone can share their opinions and why r u guys bothered abt it!! Even soul players talk abt us behind our backs. Those who r abusing me and Neyo, meet me in real life, I'll show u your worth! Those who r hating send me ur address I'll fuck ur moms in front of u. Go and lick their asses(soul members) in their stream. Don't fuck around here. We all have grinded and practiced hard to reach here" - Ghatak

This reaction from Ghatak surprised everyone as he has always been known as a reasonable person in the PUBG Mobile scene. Now, even more people are turning their back to TSM Entity after hearing this. It seems that no team actually likes team SouL because they have such a huge fanbase while not being the best team.

MortaL wasn't always the best player but he has always been a good person

Team SouL has been around for a very long time and they have always been polite and respectful toward other teams thanks to MortaL. That is the reason why they have so many fans and other teams just don't understand this.