Day 1 of the biggest PUBG Mobile Esports tournament, PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split Global Finals 2019  is finally over. A total of 16 teams are competing for the title and a prize pool of 500,000 USD. A total of 4 games were played on Day 1. All the teams played put up gripping gameplay throughout the day.

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Leaderboards after the first day

Day 1 of PUBG Mobile Club Open, the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament of the year, has ended. The 16 Best PUBG Mobile squads in the world have gathered together and given the audience the best PUBG Mobile gameplay ever. A total of 4 games were played on the first day, each for a map of PUBG. Bigetron RA was the best team in day 1 with 68 points, eight more than the second position, Team Queso.\

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Mortal interviewed by the host

SouL and Entity Gaming was India and the whole South Asia Region’s representative. Both teams performed admirably on the first day of the tournament, with Entity taking the third place and SouL getting the chicken dinner of the third round. At the end of the day, they placed #3 and #11, with 56 and 32 points respectively. As the #9 to #11 have the same amount of points, you can say that SouL is still in the top 10.

We will be covering all the matches below:

The first match is in Sanhok TPP mode, with Bigetron RA claiming the win. Entity tackled the Ruins on this map with moderate success while SouL gets eliminated rather early.

The second math is in Miramar TPP, with ItM claiming the win. Entity performed exceedingly well this match, however, they did not manage to claim the win.

The third match is in Vikendi TPP. Team SouL performing perfectly in this match, claiming the chicken dinner after a showdown with Unique Old Boy.

The fourth match is Erangel TPP. Entity dominated the round, with kill upon kills, however, they failed in dealing with TQ clan at the end of the match.

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