PUBG Mobile World League, the biggest tournament for PUBG Mobile Esports, is going to start today. In this article, we would reveal the schedules for this week’s opening weekends and the various streams in which you can catch the actions from both East and West sides. Due to its nature being an online tournament, PMWL 2020 is divided into 2 divisions, East and West, each with 20 teams fighting for the grand prize of 3.1 Crore.


Schedule for PMWL Opening Weekend:

This week’s Opening Weekend stage would last for 3 days – its result would be used to divide teams into five groups for the next stage. Below are the schedules for today’s matches:

  • PMWL East Streams would start at 5:30 IST, with five matches scheduled every day. PMWL West Streams would start at 11:30 PM IST.
  • Map Rotation for 1 – 5th match: Erangel > Vikendi > Miramar > Sanhok > Erangel

After this opening weekend, matches of the next stages would begin right away on Tuesday and Wednesday of every week, 4 matches per day. This round is called League Weekend and the top 16 teams would qualify for the next round.

PMWL East Streams:



PMWL West Streams:


PMWL East's 20 teams roster:

106104179 618255478876202 5483477303322896371 O
World League East Roster

Overall, squads from India is dominating this tournament with sheer numbers - out of 103 players participate in the tournament, 39 of them are from 7 Indian teams, which is almost 40% of the total headcount. With only the last 4 squads getting eliminated in this tournament, it is very likely that all Indian teams would be able to advance to the next round, the World Champion Tournament between East and West.

PMWL West's 20 teams roster:

World League West Roster

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