During a recent press meeting about the partnership between Fnatic and Loco, Owais revealed that he was looking for new good players for the new line ups of Fnatic.

As most people already knew, Fnatic has announced earlier that they are going to part way with their old roster and have a new one after the PMPL South Asia. The new PUBG Mobile roster of Fnatic has been one of the main concerns of the Indian PUBG Mobile community.

Fnatic is among one of of the most popular esports organization in the world and they have a big impact in the PUBG Mobile esports scene of India.

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ScoutOP also previously hinted that he is not leaving Fnatic

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Previously, there have been speculations that ScoutOP is going to stay with Fnatic after the PMPL while Owais is going to have a new team. However, based on the recent comment of him during the meeting, it looks like he is going to stay with Fnatic.

Owais said he is looking for talented players and is playing with different people to figure out which players work best for the squad. Why would he have to do that if he is leaving Fnatic?

No player left team Fnatic yet and no announcement about the new roster has been made

There are also rumors around the community that ScoutOP is going to be a part of Orange Rock. Nothing has been confirmed yet but it seems that both ScoutOp and Owais are going to stay, which is exactly what fans want.

As of now, no player has left team Fnatic yet. Owais said that the announcement about the new roster of Fnatic will be revealed soon but there is no definite date.