We have now gone halfway through the PUBG Mobile Super Heroes Battle yesterday and Team IND is now currently having a huge lead.

Team IND earned themselves another Chicken Dinner and further increase their lead. They are now having 203 points with 4 Chicken Dinner. VSG Crawlers is in second place with 160 points with only 1 Chicken Dinner. In the third place is Team SynerGE with 139 points and 1 Chicken Dinner.

Super Heroes Battle
PUBG Mobile Super Heroes Battle Overall Results And Standings After Week 2 Day 2
Super Heroes Battle1
PUBG Mobile Super Heroes Battle Overall Results And Standings After Week 2 Day 2

Many top teams such as Orang Rock, Fnatic, TSM-Entity, SouL actually place very low. Fnatic is in the last place while TSM-Entity, SouL, Orang Rock, are in 8th place, 9th place, and 10th place respectively. Maybe they are focusing on the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia that is currently undergoing so they don't want to put all their effort into this tournament.

About the PUBG Mobile Super Heroes Battle

The Super Heroes Battle PUBG Mobile tournament features a total prize pool of Rs 3.4 Lakh. The prize pool will be distributed among the top 3 teams when the tournament ends. The top team will earn Rs 1,60,000. The runner-up team will earn Rs 1,00,000 and the third-place team will earn Rs 80,000.

The matches start on Monday and Tuesday every week from May 25 to June 16 from 1 PM to 5 PM. There is a total of 3 matches plus one Arcade match each day. A total of 16 top PUBG Mobile teams in India were invited to play in the tournament. Fans can watch the live stream of the tournament on the PUBG MOBILE India Official Youtube channel.

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