Looks like PUBG Mobile is getting yet another big third party tournament, with the XTZ Kill Zone Invitational announced this month. This tournament has a wide range of participants: a lot of underdogs and top tier teams in the PUBG Mobile Esports Scene are invited. There are three phases in this tournament, with the final one having a huge prize pool of 5 Lakh.

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All top tier teams in India are invited to this tournament

First phase: XTZ Kill Zone

The first phase of the tournament would last for 6 days, from July 20 to 25. In these 6 days, 24 games would be played across every map, 4 games on 4 maps every day. This round’s prize pool is 1.5 lakh – divided into parts for the winners, top five, and MVPs.

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The 4 groups of this stage

The 32 invited teams are grouped into 4 groups A, B, C, D. As we can see from the below list, each group has a certain set of top teams and underdogs, which would ensure a heated challenge in every match.

Group A:

  • God's Reign
  • Tenet Esports
  • Insane esports
  • Team Tamilas
  • Team IND
  • NovaGodlike
  • SynerGE
  • 8Bit

Group B:

  • Team Mayhem
  • Orange Rock
  • Galaxy Racer Celtz
  • Dark Tangent Esports
  • Particle 7
  • Inside out
  • Element Esports
  • RIP Official
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Prize distribution for the first stage of the tournament

Group C:

  • VSG Crawlers
  • Leg Stump
  • Fnatic
  • 4Kings
  • Livecraft esports
  • Force one
  • Marcos Gaming

Group D:

  • MegaStars
  • Rising Falcon
  • U Mumba esports
  • Initiative Esports
  • Future Station
  • Reckoning eSports
  • SouL
  • Hydra official

Second Phase: XTZ Ground Zone

This is a Free For All phase that up to 1000 teams can register to compete in a prelim tournament for the chance to fight against the top Indian teams in the final. The Ground Zone’s prize pool is 0.5 lakh. The registration starts on July 24 – you and your team can register on the discord server of XTZ Esports.

Third Phase: XTZ Final War

The final part of this tournament – in this Final Phase, the underdogs would join the pro teams in a giant battle for a prize pool of 3 Lakh. This phase is scheduled for August 14 to 18.

You can watch this tournament on XTZ Esports’ YouTube Channel. Interested in more of our articles related to PUBG Mobile? Please check out this post for the upcoming Sanhok 2.0 update of PUBG.